Enter a world where one week is all it takes to flourish, transform and re-discover your vitality.

Welcome to your Bali Retreat

We invite you to experience a luxury wellness journey with us in beautiful Bali. At our Bali yoga retreat you will be nurtured and pampered during your week with us. Free from responsibilities of daily life, with an experienced team to look after you, on your ultimate Bali wellness retreat week. Our exclusive women’s-only vacation will allow you to unwind from the pressures of everyday life and recharge your batteries in paradise.

Flexibility and Freedom
The choice of transformative, custom-tailored package is yours. We take great care to ensure our  range of inspirational wellness and detox packages covering, surf, yoga, healing, ayurvedia or fitness retreat programmes nourishes a women’s wellbeing. Your dedicated facilitator, will guide you through your ultimate Bali retreat experience and ensuring you leave glowing.

Most Awarded Bali Yoga Retreat

The satisfaction of our guests is our greatest reward.
Since 2008, our Escape Haven Bali Retreat has received over 20 prestigious international awards for both our active surf, yoga and fitness retreats and holistic healing programmes. Through our exceptional focussed service and care, we have been privileged to remain number 1 on Trip advisor of all Bali retreats or sanctuary for women, for the past 7 years. Join us and discover how our family of 40 staff are ready to do everything possible, to make your stay exceptional.

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Core Pillars of Wellbeing

One defining factor that sets Escape Haven apart from other Bali women’s wellness retreats is that the retreat experience isn’t only an indulgent break in paradise, it is also a deeply transformative, healing and life-changing journey. Reawakened, enlivened, and brimming with vitality, you return to your world a new person, with new energy, goals, confidence and passion. The retreat week isn’t a mere pause button, it is a re-set, an opportunity to realign with your true self and then take the next step on your life path. Every single element of the Escape Haven experience has been meticulously designed to support you on this journey.

Yin & Deep Rejuvenation

Relaxation and rejuvenation are key elements of every retreat, offering you the chance to completely let go, unwind and allow yourself to be nurtured. Twice daily yoga classes are offered onsite allowing you to dive deeply into your yoga journey with the support of our talented and highly qualified team of full-time yoga teachers. In our Yoga Refresh and Ayurveda Healing retreats, unlimited yoga onsite and offsite is also included. Unlimited spa pampering allow you to find that inner place of tranquility, peace and bliss. With over a dozen therapists and over 20 unique spa treatments, spa sessions go beyond indulgence to deep healing, nurturing body, mind and soul.

Sleep & Replenishment

Sleep is such an important factor for all guests on retreat. We go to great lengths to make sure that every single night offers you the opportunity to dive into and surrender to a deep restful slumber. Quality mattresses, pillows and bedding in every air conditioned sleep sanctuary room is just the beginning. Our complimentary ‘sweet dreams’ offerings include lavender essential oils, evening massages, guided sleep meditations, sleep-enhancing music, herbal teas, calming bed-time snacks and butler-drawn flower baths all designed to ensure a replenishing nights sleep.

Food & Nourishment

Our retreat cuisine perfectly balances flavour with nutrition. We believe in abundance and meal times are an opportunity to deeply nourish your body with organic wholefood dishes created by our professional wellness chefs. Meals focus on lightly detoxifying dishes that are primarily free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars and anything remotely artificial and utilize fresh produce from local organic farms. Balancing Balinese flavours with innovative western dishes, you will leave retreat glowing with renewed vitality.

Yang & Activation

Balance is key to all things in life. Along with the rejuvenating yin elements of the retreat, exhilarating movement-based yang activities such as surfing, fitness sessions, scenic volcano hikes, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkelling, sunset horse riding and other options that get your heart rate up and push your boundaries by allowing you to try something new. These yang elements help to build self-empowerment, strength and courage and are also a lot of fun too.

Culture & Exploration

Beyond the commonly portrayed tourist traps, Bali is a magical wonderland just waiting to be explored and experienced. Unlimited sighting allows you to be introduced to Bali’s beautiful land, culture, people and traditions. We have 4 chauffeurs and over 20 different tours beyond the common tourist trails. Beauty awaits behind every corner and a smile is never far away. From small countryside villages in Ubud, to the breathtaking remote beaches of Uluwatu, to traditional Balinese ceremonies, we allow you to experience the ‘real’ Island of the Gods.

Healing & Transformation

The healing element of an Escape Haven retreat is one of the defining factors that really sets us about from other Bali retreats or Bali Sanctuary for women. Our goal is not simply to offer you a blissful, indulgent and memorable vacation. Our aim is to help you evolve and awaken on a deeper level. A unique range of professional therapies are available to help you heal and transform in body, mind and spirit with therapies including Reiki, Theta Healing, Heller Bodywork, Chakra Balancing, Tarot and more. Let go of anything holding you back in life, heal past wounds, learn self-care skills and leave feeling strong, clear and inspired to step into the life you have been dreaming of.

“10 years ago I launched my dream of creating a luxury Bali yoga retreat. Since then over 5,000 women have chosen to stay with us. It’s my privilege and passion to share this journey with so many other like-minded women and to bring them together to re-inject that sparkle and connection with themselves and each other.

Since creating this tropical luxe haven, for women to get away from the pressures of everyday life and just be, it’s been wonderful to witness the amazing transformations that one week with us makes. I invite you to join us and experience the magic of Escape Haven”


Why Us

At our Bali Retreat, Escape Haven, we believe that every woman has the ability to rejuvenate, transform, and blossom into the most radiant version of herself when given time, space and support of a nourishing, uplifting environment.

As women, we are so busy filling up everyone else’s tank that we forget to fill our own. One week is all it takes to allow you to re-discover the very best version of you and replenish your inner glow.

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“Escape Haven was a life changing experience exceeding all expectations. I was new to yoga and ended up doing things I thought were impossible!”


“Escape Haven feeds every part of you, no matter what your reason for doing the retreat you walk away with so much more… its life changing!”


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