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Being a global citizen

Grateful (Monday) Wednesday

Today I’m grateful for being reminded how wonderful it is to be a global citizen in this beautiful world after having the privilege of visiting Turkey for a work conference and taking the opportunity to explore this exotic country a little.

Travel is one of the most talked about topics here at Surf Haven and a mutual passion of pretty much all our guests and staff. I have never taken for granted the gift of travel nor tire of trading endless stories with our guests. My passion was passed onto me by my mother who was an avid adventure traveller taking me from a tender age of 5 to lands far and wide – staying with former head hunters in the deep Borneo jungle where I would be woken by pigs scratching round under the long house floor that we would sleep on every day at 5am, through to seeing the effects of agent orange in rural Vietnam before it had been opened up to mass tourism. Even now at the ripe age of 83 mum is still conquering the world whether it be by climbing the Anapurna trail in Nepal, piranha fishing in the deep amazon or walking the Inca trail.

I am so thankful to her for this ‘travel education’ I realized the importance of understanding the world on a bigger scale than just my frame of reference NZ and its been ‘in my blood’ coursing through my veins ever since.

When guests chat about their experiences its the joy of discovering and thirst for learning that comes up the most – new cultures, new foods, new places. The tastes, smells and assault of the senses with each new place and how our lives are forever changed by the different faces, languages and laughter of the people whose paths we may cross, even briefly, when we travel.

Thinking back to these formative years, I guess it was always going to be my destiny to come full circle and be involved in my greatest passion and go onto run a travel business for women. I never tire of making travel arrangements for our guests and sharing my passion for beautiful Bali and the wonders that are there to be shared and experienced by all that visit this magical island.

As the saying so aptly goes ‘travel is the only thing that the more you have the richer you become’.

Now I am off to indulge another great passion of mine…. Food! and eat my body weight in Turkish delight!

From Turkey with love, Jen x


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