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Creative inspiration in Bali

Today I’m grateful for all the creative inspiration and new places I stumble across in Bali. I have just had 3 of my old and dear friends from NZ – Tash, Holly and Maysie come and stay with me. I love showing people around my favourite places in Bali. We took a few days out to explore the Bukit with its white sand beaches, beautiful blue translucent water and gorgeous cliff side sun downer spots.

I was asked by Tash which was my ‘wow ‘spot and struggled to name just one. There are a few down on the bukit – some simple that are natural such as rock pools that form at low tide at Uluwatu where you can bathe in these warm natural pools whilst surfers enjoy the last of the sun playing on the waves as the sun melts like a great ball of orange fire into the ocean turning the rock pools into a vivid pink glow through to the most magnificent man made piece of art which is The Alila (pictured). It looks like its made of matchsticks and my favourite spot is the ‘think tank’ I call which is a lounge suspended over the wild ocean hundreds of metres below which is a great place for some time out and to let the creative thoughts flow.

All around me though is inspiration in Bali – the Balinese traditions with their colourful creations and ceremony that is celebrated on daily basis through to the food, the Balinese themselves and how beautifully they glide through their lives with such ease and all the architecturally inspiring unique places to stay. It’s a special place and I am blessed to keep having firsts and seeing new things for the first time and stumbling across new wow’s to share with my guests.

Jen xx


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