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Getting back to the basics Robinson Crusoe style!

Grateful (Monday) Thursday – Today I’m grateful for the simplicity of getting back to basics Robinson Crusoe style.

There are 17,500 islands in Indonesia and up until last week I’d visit a grand total of 6 of them. So when the opportunity of a 4 day ‘research’ break presented itself, I recognized it was a good time to go and increase my tally.

The idea of getting back to the simple life appealed. I love my comforts however I also love the thought of getting right back to nature. My island of choice is a tiny spec surrounded by a beautiful reef on the edge of Komodo national park. Coming from Seminyak in Bali where service is super efficient it bought a smile to my lips on many occasions when the most frequented answer to any question was ‘maybe’. Will there be a boat trip to komodo to see the dragons tomorrow? Will sandwiches be in stock tomorrow? Wine? Can I go diving this afternoon? All were answered with a lazy smile and the same word ‘maybe’ . Well it was a way of not planning, not forcing nor trying to control the events of my day but rather letting my island life span of 4 simple days, unfold just as it should I figured.

Waking in my simple beach front bungalow by sunrise watching the great orange ball of fire warm a new day as I lay in my hammock hearing with wonder the orchestra of nature that started each day the birds chirping – 3 different songs, the cicadas chiming in as the waves lapped upon the white sand shore and the sun warmed the day. Spending time chatting to the 6’4 blonde Adonis Dive Master ‘Nico’ whose work uniform consisted of lycra hot pant swim shorts – more on Nico another time – he really deserves his own blog entry! ☺ One day folded into another doing nothing but relaxing – no phone signal, no internet, no distractions I realized this was the first time since I’d started Surf Haven that I had been incommunicado for even 1 day.

Its great when you strip back all the responsibilities and ‘stuff’ we haul around in our life and just be free of them even for a few days. The lightness, the peace, the perspective and the siestas! Who knew doing nothing would make one so tired.

In retreat on our final night we ask guests what their ‘kodak moment’ was – the time during their week that is forever freeze framed in their mind. On my last night here I reflected back on mine – Lycra clad Nico aside :-), it was climbing to the highest peak on the island as the sun rose to welcome another day, and taking some peaceful moments to meditate as I felt the warm glow reach my face and mother nature in all her glory below me – islands, reefs and azure water as far as the eye could see. Feeling part of this spectacular piece of natural beauty and feeling grateful for my time on beautiful ‘maybe ‘ island and my 4 days of no control, no agenda, no stuff – but the freedom to just be.

Jen xx


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