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Returning Home

Grateful Monday: Today I am grateful for returning home. So much has happened over the past few weeks that its been hard to commit to paper one pivotal thing to be thankful for. My experience tank has been brimming over with new firsts.

From time spent with one of the most revered spiritual teachers in Nepal, Matthieu Ricard a French monk (who is also known as the happiest person alive by media), through to being humbled upon visiting the charity foundation Maiti that inspiring CNN hero of the year Anuradha Koirala set up to stop the sex slave trade of girls in Nepal and India, through to flying over the highest monastery in the world in Everest that I had only seen in books previously – Rongbuk Monastery – its been a few weeks that have nourished my soul entirely.

Perhaps it sounds trite but despite these firsts, nothing quite compared to my return home to Bali after 3 months of work and wanderlust travels abroad. The magic of Bali, like it always has, grabbed me from the word go, upon returning yesterday. The hustle, the smell, the beaming faces, the horns, the smell of incense wafting through the air, the sunsets – Bali intoxicates me as always, grabbing hold of my heart and welcomes me home.

I think you know where home is when you return to it. That knowing, self assured feeling, the exhale. They say if you want to truly know where you heart is, observe where you mind goes. Mine kept returning to Bali. After being someone that has spent so much time away from home from an early age living in different parts of the world, I’ve never been one to miss it. As I have gotten older and settled on this piece of paradise for the past 4 years, I’ve found a place that tugs at my heart strings and so with anticipation I was counting down my days till I returned.

My first night despite the jet lag I dragged myself to a sunset yoga class at a nearby open air studio with one of my favourite teachers Anna. As the day transformed from light into night, natures orchestra shifted gears, the sky darkened from golden afternoon sun to a bright crimson pink and the incense wafted through carried on it beautiful rhythmic live gamelon music – I felt so gloriously jet lagged and at peace after a crazy but beautiful 3 months of wandering as I knew was home, exactly where I should be, in Bali.

I realize that home isn’t necessarily where you are born yet somehow, someway, through our experiences, paths and connections, we find our way to that place that feels right in our heart, the place we choose to call our home and ground ourselves. After being a gypsy for so many years before, I’m so grateful to have found that place and be fortunate enough to share it with so many women who leave feeling the same way I do.

Love Jen xx

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