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Grateful for the bumps

I’m grateful for the lessons that life’s bumps present. If this week was a weather report it would have read some long beautiful high fronts broken up by a few sudden rain storms and settling.

After an amazing few months, I felt a little blue after falling off the happy plateau however its been a good reminder of why its good to feel challenged too. It’s true these uncomfortable periods, the hard times, are actually the best teachers so when these happen, not only do I appreciate my default happy state but remind myself that life is just trying to teach me something and sometimes that comes with a bit of a whack around the head to sit up and take notice of the important lessons contained. That discomfort is a good indicator of a message contained within to change, to learn and to grow. Mistakes teach us precious lessons if we see them, read them and hear their message.

When you skid in a rainstorm, that’s when you are open to the greatest positive change as your awareness is shifted and focused, your senses are heightened. Happiness isn’t the absence of problems but rather the strength to deal with them. Strength doesn’t come from what you can do; it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t do. So I guess these low front patches teach us about our strength and courage and challenge us to think of better ways. Through this, we have a new found sense of our strength, self belief and knowledge having tested them.

I love that we have the ability to continually improve by making better choices and showing better judgement. The one thing nobody can take away is the way you choose to respond to situations. The problem isn’t the events that are negative. The problem or opportunity is the way you react to those events. Your freedom lies in choosing your attitude in any given circumstance and that coupled with the learnings from your experience are what makes all the difference to your growth.

My week ended on a very high front at a dear friends going away (Mel, our former Surf Haven GM), surrounded by a lot of wonderful friends, laughing and celebrating and regaling in hilarious stories of their funny weeks, I realized that if life was always easy and one long high sunny front, where would all the adventures and wonderful stories to look back and laugh upon be?

Love Jen xx


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