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Melting pot of culture

Today I’m writing my grateful Monday from a chilly Melbourne airport, half awake. So please excuse any typo’s as I craft a few magical moments that I’m grateful for over the past week in beautiful Bali.

The last week has been another magical one and I loved sharing it with a group of women each representing a different country – Italy, Germany, Japan, NZ, Australia and France. Needless to say dinner conversations proved to be very interesting and lively, where we chatted about our unique cultural perspectives on everything ranging from the role of family, love, respective man shortages!! and working practices and how exactly the Italians manage to have dinner so late and still have so much energy?!

I love learning new things and understanding how we are shaped by our culture, whether we realize it or not. It’s our differences and unique points of view that makes life interesting and also the way we can mutually learn from one another.

Being on retreat and having the fortune of welcoming and spending time with wonderful women from dozens of different cultures, makes you a bit of a cultural social anthropologist. There are so many things I appreciate about our girls from different corners of the globe.

I love the European punctuality and intellectual outlook
The Australian relaxed ‘go with the flow’ nature
The Kiwi ‘can do attitude’ and humbleness
The Asian sweetness
The American openness
The British wit
The South African candidness and no nonsence approach
The Canadian ease and positivity
The Latin passion and zest for life

Put them all together and we celebrate a melting pot of cultural diversity amongst fabulous global women with wonderful mutual learning and sharing opportunities.
It inspired me to create an inspiring alumnae programme profiling some of our fabulous guests and their unique stories. Stay tuned for more on some of these wonderful women.

I love this quote from Jackie Chan which sums it up nicely….
“We live now in a global village and we are in one single
family. It’s our responsibility to bring friendship and love
from all different places around the world and to live
together in peace.”

Jen xx


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