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My first Orphan Christmas

Today on Christmas eve, as Christmas draws near, I am thankful for embarking on my first orphan Christmas.

I’ve spent the last 3 days on planes, in airport lounges observing xmas cheer across 3 continents. I’m now settled into my home away from home on the surf beaches in sunny Costa Rica where I’ll be for the next few weeks doing some intensive yoga training with the amazing Shiva Rei. It’s fair to say I’m outside my comfort zone.

1. I’m spending xmas by myself – first time in my 30 something years that I’ve done this and 2. I’ve never done 4 hours daily yoga in my life! Whilst I love yoga and practice regularly I’m about to be surrounded by yoga devotees who can probably do 1 armed hand stands, put their legs behind their heads and levitate- eek! Mental note to myself, get there early and take one of the spaces at the back of the room!

Despite this, I’m feeling grateful for being outside my comfort zone. It would have been an easy choice to stay home surrounded by friends and family for xmas or at one of my previous wonderful guests places enroute in the US and then come for the training on 26th. Whilst I love being surrounded by a steady stream of house guests in Bali and also all the beautiful ladies at work, I find that alone time has been limited this year. Some of us recharge around others, I recharge by being by myself. I actually prefer traveling this way too as I find I’m so much more open to new experiences, the blinkers are off and with no safety net of a traveling companion, its that much more invigorating with no set agenda or itinerary or trade off on where to go. It makes me feel energized and free.

So here I am ready to experience my first orphan xmas with me, myself and I (there’ll be no surprises of I wonder what me got me on xmas morning!!) and I’m grateful for the experience. I must admit questioning my decision with each airport I passed through hearing carol singers singing of love at xmas and being surrounded by family and romantic reunions. The feeling compounded with each well meaning customs clerk making their idle chit chat enquiring what I was doing for xmas and then looking at me in disbelief when they hear I am having xmas ‘gasp’ alone! Really? Noone at all?– sizing me up probably questioning if they should let this crazy women into their country!

Where ever you may be this holiday, and whomever you are spending your holidays with – have a wonderful celebration and most importantly remember to take some time to reflect and celebrate your year, the highlights and the things and people that defined your 2012 journey.

Love from sunny Costa Rica, Jen xx


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