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Smelling the roses

Grateful Monday
Today I am grateful for stopping to smell the roses.

Its easy in life when things get busy to get wrapped up in the busyness of it all focusing your sights ahead and forgetting to take the time to pat yourself on the back, pause and reflect on how far you’ve come.

This is definitely an apt description of me since I jumped on board the entrepreneur bandwagon 4 years ago and also for many women I know.

Recently I was asked to speak at the NZ Women’s Entrepreneur week conference. Last week, the day approached and I realized the last time I had done any public speaking to a group this size was 4 years ago in my former corporate life. Some last minute cold nerves sprung and I enlisted the help of a friend Natasha to share my remedy of a last minute wine in the bar below!

By the time I got on stage with the flush of the sav blanc reflecting in my cheeks, I felt even more nervous seeing some of my very much respected business idols in the audience. I felt like I was going to be telling people to suck eggs who knew far more than I did and was equally humbled to help offer my experience to those just starting out.
After a few voice wobbles subsided I got into my flow and started reflecting on my story as I was speaking and recounting my journey. The nerves fell away and what was left was an inner appreciation for what a journey it was.

It took that moment for me to step back and reflect through talking about the challenges that I faced and how I overcame them. I realized that in our quest to move forward fast what we compromise is being good to ourselves by giving ourselves a pat on the back and realizing how well we have done. – appreciating ourselves. It felt equally good to share stories with others in the same boat or about to embark on their voyage of entrepreneurial self-discovery.

Its funny that through the process of starting my own business I have found out in equal parts not only about running a business but also myself in the process – my limits, how I respond to challenges, mitigate risks, testing my strength, courage and perseverance along the way. It’s easy to miss how we grow and respond to life’s challenges if we don’t take this important time to self reflect and appreciate our story and through this appreciate ourselves. Hopefully yours doesn’t require a public speaking engagement to do this!

For anyone thinking of starting or running their own business, I thought I’d share a few of the key lessons I learned through an interview in this link. Some of these lessons I spoke about in the conference.

Love Jen xx


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