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The fabulous women of Surf Haven and Escape Haven

Grateful Monday (US time!!). Today I am grateful for doing what I love and to be sharing it with fabulous women.

Last night we had our team Christmas dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Kudeta. As we are all about to leave beautiful Bali for 3 months of holidays and fly to our respective corners of the globe, it was great to come together and celebrate a fantastic year.

It’s fair to say this year has equally both flown by and taken its time. Standing at the end of 2012 path and looking back it’s kind of hard to believe it is almost over. As the glasses chinked and I looked around the table at the gorgeous smiling faces of my team, and as we traded funny stories and spoke of our Christmas plans, I was so super proud.

I couldn’t help but reflect on the start of the season when we had a few days away session and spoke about how we wanted the season to go, our hopes, new ideas, ambitions and plans. It brought so much fulfillment to reflect back on that and look back over our amazing year, the wonderful women who have spent their vacation with us, the amazing transformations we have witnessed and been part of, the laughter, joy and freedom experienced through it all. It’s times like these I realize how truly lucky I am to be doing what I love surrounded with wonderful women to share this journey with.

Love Jen (Janine) xx


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