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The Learnings of 2012

Today I’m grateful for the experiences this year has bought.
With my season in Bali finished and as I pack up ready to leave my island home for my 3 month global migration, I thought it would be a great way to end my year in Bali by going to a one day workshop with friends, dubiously entitled ‘Embodying this love’.

One of my favourite poets Rumi said – ‘Yesterday I was clever so I tried to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself’.

I subscribe to the school of thought that we can make a difference in the world by becoming the best version of ourselves possible. I also understand we can’t do that solely on our own so this year has been one of active self discovery and I have been very open (and judgement free!) actively seeking different forms these learning’s have come in – ex Buddhist monks, happiness conventions, meditation, yoga, moon light belly dancing, kundalini and chanting, surfing, friends, adversaries, guests, Balinese healers, books – you name it! There has been learning in many different shapes and forms. Some that I have welcomed, some that has been a bitter pill to initially swallow and where the learning may have not been apparent initially but was none the less moving and enriching.

I’m super grateful for giving myself permission to be open, to change – to see and hear and to not be afraid to challenge my thinking and importantly my beliefs. Through this I feel I have shifted, softened, opened and grown immensely. Its also not surprising that this year has been so enriching that I believe its been the best so far and is a great example of how happiness can come through transformation, change and also challenge which may initially feel a little scary, new and uncomfortable. In my former days I would have shied away from this safe in the belief that I had it all figured out, that my theories on the world and myself were sound and all was as it should be but the light has come on and I have personal proof of the pay off of change and how magic happens outside your comfort zone. Its something I believe passionately in and love being able to provide this for our guests and observe within their week alone transformation and sparkle and lightness created within them. It’s hugely rewarding.

I was going to do a recap of the great workshop I attended but I think the point I’m most grateful for isn’t so much the exact learning’s (although they were phenomenal) but more the fact that this journey of self discovery is not just limited to attending these workshops/courses/seminars but rather an openness to experiencing it on many levels on a daily basis. The art of being able to curiously observe and to question life.

It’s integrated into my life in a meaningful and powerful way and has changed the lens through which I see the world. To all those that have inspired this, nurtured this and provided me with the insights – I’m super grateful as I’m finally beginning to understand my place here and it feels great as I wrap up one year and look to the next with optimism, love and gratitude.

Love Jen (Janine) xx


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