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Wonderful Costa Rica

Today I’m grateful for being immersed in the wild and wonderful here in Costa Rica as the final hours of 2012 approach.

It’s a sunny new years day here in Costa Rica’s beautiful Nosara. Its like the wildlife know that a big celebration is about to occur as the hum of the jungle builds like a crescendo. There’s magic and heat combined in the air already so am looking forward to celebrating tonight with a beach bonfire and lots of dancing.

For the past week I’ve been staying in the jungle behind a turtle sanctuary in Western Costa Rica on a beautiful arc of golden sand beach with perfect surf kissing its sunny shores. From the sting rays in the ocean, to the squirrel that came into yoga to say hi, the scorpion that was hiding on my yoga blanket, the colourful birds that like to skim the pool, through to the howler monkeys acting as natures alarm clock or the baby turtles hatching on the beach and making there first steps into the world and the surfing dog that I shared a wave with – its been a full nature and wildlife immersion and I am in awe.

The funniest wildlife encounter has to be one a few days back though. I’m still laughing about it as I write this. A few mornings back where on an idle sunny morning – having a soak around the pool there was a little bit of a commotion – being a nosey parker (sticky beak)–I went to investigate and there was this lime green – HUGE iguana up a tree just above a line of sun bathers. The branch was too small to hold this heavy reptile surely, we agreed, wondering what it was going to do teetering on the edge like that looking a little vulnerable almost.’ Ah how cute’, ‘look’ people explained pointing and taking photos. Clearly the inguana had plans for the inquisitive human folk below and in a split second – gave those closest to the branch a sudden golden shower followed closely by a succession of poo torpedos raining down upon us – not me luckily, but a number of my poor unsuspecting house mates standing closer by.
It was hilarious – perhaps more so for me as I observed the drama without being part of the sticky mess itself!

What I love most about nature is how unexpected and forever changing it is – and how the world seems to stop and you are grounded to that very moment, watching with childlike wonder the amazing wonders of wildlife and nature in its more beautiful form. Whether it’s the wildlife around us or natures beautiful cycle – the mighty ocean in which we play – the sunrise and sunset, the cleansing sudden rain followed by beautiful tropical sun and a rainbow. Like life, you never know what may happen but its all beautiful and there for free even if it means you may get peed on occasionally!

Happy new year everyone. Hope you set forth your intentions to create the magic you deserve in 2013. Love from sun filled coast of Costa Rica.

Love Jen xx


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