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Finding the humour in calamity.

Grateful Monday:
Today I’m grateful for finding the humour in calamity.
I’m writing my post this week from my new 2nd home, Byron Bay. I woke up this morning jet lag drunk wondering where I was – hearing the crashing of waves and unfamiliar birds singing their morning song and realized that this was my new home away from home, Byron. What a great feeling despite the travel hangover from what should have been a fairly straight forward arrival.

It’s 3 days and counting until we host our first guests at our new beachfront retreat and with renovations admist – builders, interior designers, cleaners and our new team filling the place, and a long list of things to buy and do in these 3 precious days, I have such a feeling of calmness which is welcome after a chaotic (albeit wonderful) first month starting the season in Bali.

I think it’s true that right before a new chapter or beginning, life tests you with some curve balls to see how badly you really want this new path. These curve balls are never the things you worried about but rather things that blindside you some idle afternoon and test your will. That’s what the last few weeks have been like for me like something out of a faulty towers episode with one thing after another occurring that could not have been predicted.

It made me remember when I first started my entrepreneurial journey 4 years ago and the unforeseen challenges that reared their head back then asking me how badly I wanted this. Perhaps then it’s expected. I also remembered that its not what occurs or happens in life but rather how we choose to respond to these situations that makes all the difference.

The crescendo of these hit a peak 2 days ago when I was at the retreat about to welcome a new group of gorgeous guests before I left later that night. Just before I was supposed to lead our orientation ceremony, I checked my emails and saw that my flight that night had been cancelled! I rang and was told if I could get to the airport in 1 hour I would be able to get on a flight. Problem was my bags were at home and the airport was the other way. Running out of the door laden with stuff piled high in my arms tripping on my way out, rambling to my beautiful team to cover me (as they do so well) and jumping into the car in the safe hands of our driver Gusti, who drove Bali fast, giving a formula 1 racer a run for his money, I made it to be told that it was now rerouting via Melbourne and would take another 10 hours! What?!

With every pre season moment accounted for in Byron, this wasn’t welcome news. One flight delay later, a missed connection and a bag MIA, I arrived at the Gold Coast airport upon where they didn’t have the car I had booked!! Perhaps because of the adrenalin and lack of sleep and the culmination of bizarre events over the past 3 weeks (and probably partly due to the sav blanc companion on the plane!) I got the giggles (the really bad ones where you are unable to move or control them!!) and suddenly right in front of the car rental lady, I just erupted in laughter with tears streaming down my cheeks paralysed from all the belly laughing and realisation how funny it all really was. The clerk looked at me like I was crazy and then offered me an upgrade. Just like that my luck changed!

This morning, sitting in the peace of the rainforest with nature all around me I’m feeling rather lucky, grateful and blessed to be officially starting my Byron chapter and that I’ve managed to take a humorous perspective on the last month and push forward. I think that’s the thing about pursuing your dreams, they give you the energy and motivation to overcome adversity and really without a bit of chaos to colour your life, it would all be a little dull!

Love Jen x

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