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Grateful for pursuing my dreams

Grateful Monday:
Today I’m grateful for pursuing my dreams. Over the past 9 months the team and I have been busy working on our new brand Escape Haven and the operations of our new location, Byron Bay, which we launched last week.

It’s been exciting, stressful, wonderful, scary –all in equal measure. What I wasn’t prepared for was how I would feel as launch day loomed. Last minute doubt seemed to consume my mind and my old friend fear would roughly tap me on the shoulder many mornings at hours one shouldn’t be awake. I realized that fear was taking over and started second guessing myself, something I never normally do.

I recognized that this was part of the process of going through a big change and whilst I hadn’t prepared to feel this way, I knew that it was natural. I likened it to rock climbing – in order to move forward and up the rock face you had to trust, and let go of one rock in order to move forward to a new place. Anything short of that would see me stuck not moving in between the two or worse slipping down the face.

It made me think about life in a general sense and how fear can prevent us from following our heart, doing things we believe in, following our dreams, having and holding onto hope. Its easy to listen to the voice of skepticism and focus on the risks as it often raises its voice a lot louder than hope, optimism, but I guess risk and reward are in direct proportion to each other so without one the other might not taste as sweet. It’s also easy to seek counsel and listen to others when we are unsure thereby confusing ourselves and second guessing our judgment, totally confusing ourselves in the process!

Sometimes the only option is to move in the direction of no certainty, following our intuition and stretching ourselves despite feeling uncomfortable. It’s the potholes, bumps, u turns and unmarked lanes in life’s journey that lead us to discover more about our strength and resolve. I guess the lesson is about finding comfort within the uncertain times and trusting ourselves and listening to our own inner voice.

I remembered when I first moved to Bali to set up Surf Haven 4 years ago not knowing a soul leaving behind everything I knew and loved in NZ. It was that familiar feeling again. I looked back fondly on that journey thinking about how much it taught me about who I was and whilst I realized that fear can be overwhelming, its not as powerful as it seems – it was all about perspective. How you handle your fears will ultimately determine where you go with your life, what dreams you fulfill, what things you tick off from your dream sheet.

So last week whilst away on a little island off the coast of Bali with my team, doing pre season planning, amongst very dodgy internet reception, with nerves and excitement combined, I finally pressed go on the website and brand and launched Escape Haven and Byron Bay, into the world.

That evening after a wonderful day with the team conjuring up some magical plans for the year, we took to the warm ocean SUP’ing at sunset. I feel most sunsets are symbolic giving pause for reflection but sitting on my board, legs dangling in the tropical transparent waters, pink reflection of the sunset on my salt kissed face, cold drink in hand, fear free with joy, and excitement in my heart, surrounded by my team – this particular sunset was extra special and symbolic as I realized that this was not only the start of the new season but the birth of our new creation and a new era: Escape Haven.

Jen x

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