Shelley | Escape Haven Bali Luxury Women's Retreat


Escape Haven Alumnae ShelleyMeet the beautiful Shelley,one of our inspiring alumnae 

Shelley refers to herself as ‘ just a simple Southern California girl.’  She works in Technology and spends her free time outdoors surfing, running, skiing, hiking and walking her boxer Nixon. Although she had been travelling before and loved it, Shelley had decided that it was time to settle for a while, and spend her accumulated funds on remodelling her kitchen. However, after a few months, she saw Janine Hall choose the Villa for Escape Haven on T.V, and after doing a little research, she had booked a trip to Escape Haven Bali for the beginning of May!

Shelley says she wasn’t really expecting much out of her stay in Bali, she really just wanted to be as far away from work as possible, however she was pleasantly surprised when Escape Haven gave her everything she didn’t know she needed.
“The surfing was great, but the highlight was the entire experience as a whole. Being able to let my brain rest and not have to decide what I’m going to eat or where I’m going to go was the best part of the retreat. I learned that it’s okay to let someone else take the reins and be in control. Escape Haven taught me that it’s okay to travel far away and then just chill for a while”

We were estatic when, after having been home for a week, another booking from Shelley came through! She has decided to come back to see us in Bali, this time with one of her best friends Lauren, whom she shares a birthday with. The two of them had been talking about a trip to share their birthdays together, and as soon as Shelley told Lauren about her experience, they booked for November.

 Shelley says she is influenced by every place she has travelled, but especially loved the Balinese people and how friendly and happy they are.
“I love seeing other cultures and realizing that it’s not about how much you have that makes you happy, it’s really about how you live your life.”
Next on her bucket list is to experience Central and South America.” Next year I’m hoping to go hiking in Peru!”

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