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The benefits of pairing Yoga and Surfing

Don’t think that yoga and surfing have anything in common? Here are some tips from us on the benefits of paring the two! So whether you see yourself as a yogi master, or a mermaid of the sea – you have no excuse not to try something new and outside of your comfort zone during #your2015!

Yoga helps you build a stronger body, will help to get you up on your surfboard (and keep you there)

Before you get in the sea, start with a few Sun Salutations to lubricate and strengthen your joints, lengthen muscles, and help fill your body with breath

Chaturanga builds strong arms for paddling and gets you ready to “pop up” on your board.

Cobra pose or upward facing dog builds strength to keep the chest and head elevated off the board while you’re watching out for the perfect wave.

Warrior I and Warrior II cultivate balance and strength so you can ride your wave all the way to the shore!

Your inner world will naturally calm during an unwinding yoga practice on the beach, gazing out at the surf break and this can also be transferred out on the surfboard. Waiting on your board for that perfect wave can sometimes seem to drag on forever, here is a perfect opportunity to meditate on patience, maybe the beauty of the landscape or the quiet of the ocean. Use the focus that you gain by holding challenging yoga postures, and take it onto your board and into your life.

Yoga and surfing teach us to cultivate internal serenity, and more awareness and appreciation of the natural environment. Often, some of the best waves are found in remote areas, and this too is another chance to use the ethics of yoga in every environment we find ourselves in and always treating the beaches and the ocean with respect.


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