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A few things I have learnt along the way…

As The Surf Lead and Coach at Escape Haven Retreats in Bali, I have had the honor and pleasure of teaching over 300 women how to surf and enjoy the ocean vibes that Bali brings during our time in paradise. I have to confess, it has been one of the most amazing journeys of my life, and for this I am deeply grateful and thrilled to be doing this as my professional job everyday, meeting beautiful women from around the world, that come to our Retreat in search of waves, yoga, wellbeing and to create new friendships.

Surfing is empowering, challenging and so much fun. The Ocean is the single most dynamic and changeable sports field in the world. No two waves are the same, so no wonder that it takes years to master the basics of surfing… but what is actually super exciting is that it only takes one go to learn and to enjoy a fun and memorable ride that can change your life forever.

To all the surfer girls out there, surfing is a wonderful way to embrace life, to empower and challenge yourself, to be fit and to experience one of my favorite feelings, freedom.

So after all these years of surfing and spending time in the ocean, I would like to share a few tips which I have carried with me my whole life. These have made my surfing smoother and more consistent, but most importantly, they have kept me happy and alive…

Surfing is about feeling and sensing the waters energy and enjoying every single ride. So here are my top 10 tips while I’m in the water;

1. Powerful paddling

2. Deeper duck dives or Turtle roll

3. Positioning

4. Pause

5. No knee Pop up

6. Loosen up

7. Angle your board

8. Mind over Matter

9. Smile “enjoy”

10. Power

Share this wisdom and spread the love..

Salty Kisses

Yeni xx


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