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Jen’s fitness comeback!

I’ve got to admit, It all feels very déjà vu: dusting my pink running shoes off; enlisting the help of a personal trainer; taping a bikini shot of my 30-year-old self in her size 8-10 toned glory to my mirror; throwing out anything in the fridge that has labels with words I don’t understand, along with promises to myself that this time, things will be different. I shall be healthy, heavenly and healthy. In fact, nothing sinful shall pass these lips and I will exercise like it’s 1999.

Hmm nope, let’s be a little realistic shall we? What’s different this time is that I’ve promised myself that I will focus on the PROCESS rather than the end goal, and to be kind and patient with myself along the way. That way, I’ll avoid some of the pitfalls of the past – namely unrealistic expectation for instant results. Like anything good in life, cultivating good health habits takes time. So rule number 1: trust and enjoy the process!

My underlying motivation is all too familiar: my favourite shorts are a bit too tight; my energy levels have slumped; I’m making choices I’m less than happy with, which in turn prevents me from operating at my best. Fitness used to be such a big part of my life, yet somehow I’ve become too ‘busy’ (yes we get busy living on tropical islands too!) to fit it into my schedule, and exercise has fallen to the bottom of my priority list.

I know and believe that the way you feel and see yourself has a far-reaching impact on the quality of the life you experience…SO here I am at the start of my fitness ‘comeback’ journey, getting back to my healthy self, one stride and squat after another. I’m not expecting to look like JLo no matter how many squats I do, but I’m hoping a commitment to fitness will lead to a lighter load both physically and emotionally – since exercise has the ability to impact both.

As part of this process, I’ve decided to start a weekly blog to hold myself accountable for my progress. I want to share some of the lessons/struggles and thoughts of what I’m experiencing and learning along the way, in the hope that it might help inspire those of you who are experiencing similar challenges and share parallel goals. So many women we meet on retreat at Escape Haven share the same health obstacles I’ve encountered: that somehow, life got a bit too busy, and their wellbeing has suffered as a result. They want to be the best, shiniest, happiest version of themselves, but they just don’t have the time or energy for daily wellness rituals.

Albert Einstein once said, “insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” so this time I am seeking a MINDSET SHIFT and want to explore things a lot more holistically instead of just limiting what I put in my mouth and counting how many calories I’ve burnt. I believe our perception of life is directly linked to the mindset we choose to embrace, and that a positive mindset can help you achieve anything, shifting results from temporary to sustainable. It forces your inner b*tch to pipe down, so that the inner coach – the one that says ‘yes you can do this!’ – can take charge.

So onto my first lesson:

Lesson 1: Take one step at a time
This morning as I lay in my comfy bed, I observed my inner b*tch try to take control and sabotage my morning workout. In the one-hour countdown before my wonderful personal trainer Malik arrived, she searched for any excuse under the sun NOT to exercise. Even after he arrived she tried to bargain with him to make the session easier. Then during the session she did her utmost to give up. Yet as the endorphins started to flow, I noticed she started to pipe down and as we carried on, eventually shut up entirely.

During my circuit training, while running lap four of 10 I make a pact to myself: if I don’t want to do the 10, no problem, I can give up then. Deal? Reluctantly my inner b*tch agreed and guess what? It never happens! I don’t give up and complete the 10. As in life, by focusing on the short-term and taking one step at a time I didn’t get overwhelmed!

Keep watching this space as my fitness comeback unfolds.

Jen x


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