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Jen’s tips to conquer success calmly in 5 simple steps

Women’s fitness magazine: How to conquer success calmly

We asked Janine Hall from Escape Haven Wellness Retreats to share her wisdom for staying serene while striving for success

1)Think happy, be happy

Your thoughts are so powerful, and in turn affect your mood and outlook on life. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed at work take a few deep breaths from your stomach, and think yourself happy and calm.

2) Take time out to feel

Switch your mind off even for a few minutes. If you have a busy brain, get outside and connect with nature.Experience everything around you by fully exploring all your senses.How does nature smell, feel, what can you see nearby and far away? Before you know it you will be so immersed in a world that feels calm.

3) Channel the power of aromatherapy

Using calming oils in the office will induce feelings of tranquillity and simplicity. Try experimenting with different scents for different moods you want to evoke – energising, calming, relaxing, the choice is yours!

4) Don’t deprive yourself of sleep

Good energy levels comprise your wellness foundation with which everything stems from.Getting well-rested sleep is particularly important.You’ll feel better, make better food choices and feel happier overall.

5)Don’t take things so seriously

It’s easy to get caught up and lose perspective. Laughter is the best medicine, especially through hurdles. It will instantly make you feel better and offer you a clear perspective to make the right decisions


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