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Jen’s fitness comeback! – Lesson III – No Drama

My personal trainer Malik took things up a notch this week. I can’t say I welcomed the change at first. Each time when I would hit the ouchy, what the heck are you making me do ‘burn zone’ , I would hear him repeat the same thing..”No drama”. It made me pay attention to the voice in my head that always piped up when things got difficult. Does the ‘ this is hard, back off, I don’t need to do this’ voice sound familiar?

Malik explained “It’s the last 5 reps that make the difference Jen. Push through the resistance and you will reap the benefits. The quality of your results will be a direct reflection on what you are prepared to exchange to get them.”

I thought about the parallel of life challenges and how in business or personal sense I enjoyed going the extra mile, driving myself further to achieve my best. Here, perserverance was my modus operandi. So why couldn’t I apply the same thing as I did in these areas of my life and apply them to my fitness? What was it about the perceived pain that scared me? Wasn’t it as important to me as other aspects of my life?

I started listening to my internal voice and repeated to myself (in my head) ‘no drama’ when the going got tough and Miss Dramatic pipped up, I gave her permission to go back to where she came from buoyed on my commitment to perserverance. It did the trick and made me realize that I had it in me, just like I applied it in other areas of my life. Like my life philosophy, and as Napolean Hill says so well – “If you bargain with life for a penny, a penny is all you will get.” I didn’t want a penny!! I wanted to prosper, even if it burned a little. I guess when you have those ouchy times, that’s how you know you’re really doing the work and importantly transforming!

Jen x


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