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Tip from Yeni: Things to consider when buying a surfboard

Surfing is a salty, fun and blissful sport that is equally empowering and inspiring. When you are immersed in nature and surrounded by water, your perspective of life changes in a very positive way. For some, surfing is a way of escaping their daily routine; for others, the ocean is their playground and ‘happy place’; and for others like me, it’s our passion and daily mojo addiction.

Things to Consider when buying a Surfboard

If you have enjoyed a surfing adventure and have ridden some fun waves; have grasped the fundamental skills of surfing and mastered your pop-up techniques; and have spent lots of time in the ocean having fun in the waves, then you are ready to buy a new surfboard! Below is a list of my top tips when selecting the perfect board for you:

• Be super honest with yourself and know what you want from surfing, and also what your surfing level is.

• It’s always good to get some expert recommendations when choosing the right board, so ask your surfer friends and shapers in your local surf shop for advice.

• If you’re new to surfing and this is your first board, get a second-hand (fiberglass or Epoxy) surfboard.

• Make sure your surfboard has the right dimensions. This is very important and is a personal preferance issue. The more you weigh, the wider and thicker the surfboard should be. Rule for beginners: if you’re buying your first board, make sure it’s one foot longer than your height.

• If you are a natural longboard rider, get yourself a nice longboard (starting from 9.0 foot).

• If you are keen to be more radical and playful, get a mini-malibu (7.4 to 8.0 foot). They’re easy to handle and you can enjoy riding small to medium waves.

• If you want to amp up your surfing abilities and prefer a cool retro style, get a fish board. They have a fish tale, so are great for carving and making lots of fun turns, cutbacks and ‘floaters’ on the waves.

• Jump in the water and take your new board for a paddle. Get to know it and practice, practice practice! Enjoy every single ride and take your surfing to a fun new level.

• Once you have mastered your technique and feel ready for the next level, ditch the second-hand board and buy a custom-made one (crafted especially for you).


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