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Tips from Bali Retreat Leader Rachel

Simple guided visualization meditation for you to try at home

– Find a quiet area and sit in a comfortable position (on the floor, on a cushion, or in a chair).

– Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Begin to visualize yourself in a calm environment – perhaps an empty beach, a meadow, a hammock, or a beautiful forest.

– Engage all of your senses by imagining how your peaceful place looks, feels, sounds, smells,and even tastes. The more vividly you can picture your imagined location, the greater the healing effects of the technique. Feel free to roam around this space and see what arises in your mind. Be open to what you see, and know that this place always exists for you to visit.

– Generate an image or idea in your mind, such as love, joy, a positive thought or an affirmation such as “I am balanced.” If you are practicing meditation for health (or illness) reasons, picture yourself as healthy in your mind.

– With each inhale, feel your body expand with potential; with each exhale send your positive thought, affirmation or picture into the world.

– Do not be attached to the results, but rather observe your personal journey.

– To enhance the visualization experience, listen to ambient sounds related to your imagined environment – such as a recording of ocean waves if you’re visualizing a beach.


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