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Jen’s fitness comeback! – Lesson 4

Lesson #4: You become what you believe

I’ve always believed in the power of intention and use affirmations often. I’ve found they are especially helpful to pull you through the tough times of your life and put you firmly back on the positive road. After a month of travel and some challenging events, staying on track with fitness and health has been a daily commitment. What I have found, by being consistent in my meditation practice and using affirmations, has helped hugely and my inner ‘Miss healthy’ voice has drowned out Miss self sabotage!

What I know to be true from the other aspects of my life is what you believe in, you become. Having a very clear vision of what I want my healthy life and body to look like and importantly how I want to feel, has helped when it would have been easy to cave in.

To me, what I am finding on this journey, is that it’s not so much even about the diet and exercise. What really makes the difference is the mind set, the self belief, the determination and the will to achieve my health goals. The road blocks and the bumps in the road where it would be easy to cave in and say ‘blow it’, have become easier and easier to navigate.

Everyone is unique so some affirmations will work better, I mean more, than others. I wanted to share a few of mine that I use regularly that really resonate with me. There may be others that resonate more with you. There are many amazing affirmations out there to try out. The ones I use are by Miranda Kerr, Don Miguel Ruiz, Louise Hay and one is my own.

I choose me – I love to exercise and eat well. I deserve my wonderful health
I make healthy choices – I nourish my body by making healthy choices and I support it with the goodness, love and respect it deserves
Each day is a new opportunity to reinvent myself – all I have is today and I choose to live life fully – vibrant, enthusiastic and alive
My healing is already in place – I am healthy and full of energy. My body is a miracle with love flowing from my heart.
I choose nutritious food and treasure my body – I look after it so that is supports me in my quest to lead a fulfilled, fun loving and abundant life
I refuse to eat emotional poison – I am content, approve and am at peace with myself. My heart is true.

Starting my day with a short meditation focussing on my health affirmation is making all the difference as it reinforces this commitment and also starts my day out on the positive with firm intention. Mmm its making my mind boggle about the other areas of life I can apply mantra’s too……’hot summer romance maybe’ – lol!

Till next time, Jen xx


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