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5 Steps to Start Living Your Dream and Kick Fear to the Curb

Inspiring yoga teacher and therapeutic massage therapist Morgan Webert has gives us insight into how to get over our fears and begin living the life we strive for with these 5 Steps to Start Living Your Dream and Kick Fear to the Curb!

“I remember falling madly in love with yoga at the beginning of my university years and wanting to quit school to become a yoga teacher. I also remember very clearly everyone’s reaction when I mentioned this dream, “You can’t do that. It’s not a real job. You’ll never make any money.” Or some variation of that. So I shoved the dream into my yoga bag and lugged around a chemistry book instead.

I kept practicing, studying and falling in love with yoga and Ayurveda, but whenever I’d day dream into a future of teaching, writing for yoga magazines, leading retreats and sharing with other’s how Yoga and Ayurveda transformed my life, I’d quickly repeat the nay saying mantras I’d heard from others and beat the dream down. But there’s a funny fact about dreams from the heart. They’re powerful. Even when we try to push them down we can still feel the thudding heart beat of the desire within us. That vision can even torment us when we’re not following through with it. But the longer we push that dream down, the further away and less attainable it feels, and the more fear we generate around taking the leap to go for it. If you resonate with that, know there’s a way to beat fear and safely let that big dream out of the box it’s been locked in. I want to share with you a few simple yet crucial steps I took along my path to turn that dream over a decade ago into my living reality today.”

1) Identify with Your Dream

Our actions are simply a refection who we believe ourselves to be, so if we want to change our life we have to start with changing our identity. The yoga tradition recognises that our truest identity is the light within, our highest self, and uses a practice called Sankalpa to anchor us in this identity. Sankalpa’s are positive affirmations said in the present tense. Start by making a statement that embodies the qualities of your dream like, “I am creative, empowered and successful.” Or get more specific with an affirmation like, “I believe I can make a career as a yoga teacher.” Write it down, do it now! The key is to repeat, repeat, repeat this affirmation. Put it on sticky notes and plaster it around the house or office, repeat after or before meditation, yoga practice, or when ever you can. The more you identify with your dream the more you’ll naturally start making decision that bring it to fruition. The more you identify with the nay sayers or mantras of self doubt the longer you’ll stay stuck living up to that self identity. Know that you are light, we all are, and we’re all here to let that light shine!

2) Feel Your Dream

We’ve all met people passionate about what they do and, even if we’re not that interested in it, when they talk about it there’s an undeniable captivation and attraction. We can see the sparkle in their eyes, feel their enthusiasm and often want to know more. The point is, when you let yourself FEEL why you want to do something, you’ll light up with passion for it and people will be attracted to that. In my own experience the more I share my passion for what I do the more I attract people and opportunities that support it. Every day let yourself feel into your dream and share that feeling with someone.

3) Get Specific but Stay Open Minded

One of my favourite bloggers on habit science, James Clear, says most people make the mistake of setting goals but not schedules. We have big visions but forget to stop and create a map for how to get there. Start looking at the who’s, what’s and where’s of your vision. Be ok with not knowing the answers straight away, filling in the gaps can take time. Get specific, but remember to keep your mind open to the many possibilities for manifesting your dream that you can’t even imagine.

4) Practice Releasing Fear

Writing down the details can sometimes send you into a tizzy of overwhelm and fear of the unknown, risk and failure. Fear I’ve discovered is at the root of all limitation and my life truly started to change when I made a conscious practice of releasing those fears. There are many ways to do this, but some of the simplest and most effective fear release practices I’ve found include EFT and meta meditations. Meta meditation simply means love meditation. At any point when you feel fear blocking you from identifying with and feeling the passion of your dream, simply stop and surround yourself and the fear in love, compassion and self acceptance. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and helps us release our fear patterns by stimulating acupressure points around the body. You can find plenty of online support for this practice or a qualified practitioner to help you release the fear blocking your dream.

5) Prioritise Self Care

Finally, as my dreams started to unfold and become reality I began to understand that self care is vital to keep dreams flowing and growing. When we’re depleted and overworked we’ve got no energy for our passion. I’ve worked hard for my dreams, but I always keep a check on when productivity and joy start dropping due to being overworked or over committed. When ever this happens the dream and my health suffer. Start to approach self care not as a luxury, but as a priority and necessity.

Share with us your dream and positive affirmation to make that dream become reality!

Check out Morgan’s website here or Facebook page here.


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