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Mini Interview with Catherine Stone (The Face Place)

Catherine Stone..

A 40-ish kiwi, living in Auckland, NZ. Her passions include adventure, travel, food, learning, innovating, and her work which provides amazing, natural looking results with non-surgical Cosmedicine to help people from all over the world look and feel great! “I love helping people feel their best by helping them look their best – I help people age gracefully and feel beautiful. I’m very proud of my amazing team, and how they create a wonderful experience at our clinic – The Face Place – in Auckland City. We have clients who fly from all over the world! I feel blessed to live my calling, to be surrounded by beautiful friends (inside and out) and I adore travel and adventure. Life is for living, so make the most of it!”

What advice would you would give your former 15 year old self?

Don’t be afraid to fail, as failure leads to learning, which then leads to growth. Some of your biggest failures will shape and define you, helping you to become a better person, with deeper empathy and understanding of others.

If you don’t know, ask. Be kind to others, and be kind to yourself. The world needs more people to step forward, so be the person who facilitates positive change. Let go of the fear of what others may think, and shine brightly, allowing others to also shine in their unique way.

Smile at people when you walk down the street, and send them blessings. It’s a wonderful feeling sending blessings to a stranger; and even more to a friend or someone special.

Have a vision board – cut out words, pictures, phrases that reflect your dreams and create a board of dreams that you look at every day…imagine yourself already there! It’s amazing how the universe then works in your favour so your dreams can become real.

Learn meditation. Be peaceful. Spend time in nature, and look up at the starts at least once a month. Full your life with beauty, love and wonderful connections. Be happy, and you will weather any storm that blows your way.


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