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5 tips to keep healthy while you travel.

“I’m trying to stick to a healthy regime – but I find it difficult when the options are curry or lasagna!”

We know the feeling! Recently, airlines have upped their game. Their food options seem to be healthier, and you can even pre-order before your flight (great if you have allergies or specific food requirements). However, it’s especially hard to choose the healthy option when there are processed, easy to snack on foods on the table. So here are a few tips to help you stay on your healthy eating track while traveling.

1) Pack your own snacks

Try bringing your own snacks such as nuts and dried fruit, or fresh fruit and raw veges in a snap-lock bag. They’ll keep you from craving the salted peanuts (which are dehydrating by the way!).

2) Bring your own meal

A salad or sandwich with whole wheat bread is a good option and you can whip it out when everyone else is having their dinner!

3) Go vege

If you simply can’t bring your own, opt for the fish or vegetarian option and skip the bread/pasta – if you aren’t burning any energy there is no reason to fill your body with high energy foods such as meat and carbohydrates.

4) Make sure you’re occupied

Eating while you’re traveling is an easy way to stop boredom – make sure you’ve got tasks to keep you occupied while you aren’t sleeping! This can be challenge, especially if there aren’t any movies to watch. I like to take the time to clean up my computer files, organise my diary or make lists – things that don’t fit in when I’ve got a busy daily schedule. Use the time to carry out tasks you usually put on hold.

5) Last but not least, stay hydrated.

Drinking water is a must while flying. It’ll stop the snacking too!

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