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Try these activities to help your mind and body feel their best!

Having a day off is EXCITING. What’s even more exciting is thinking ‘hmm..what should I do today?’ Spare time is a luxury for many, so having this time may make you want to run errands you’ve been putting off or catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, but what about catching up with yourself?

On my days off, I like to reflect, look after myself and give my body and mind the attention it needs. I have been working hard, so I deserve some time to myself. This may sound a little selfish, but think about it this way – how are your body and mind supposed to recuperate, regenerate and recharge if you rarely do?

Here I’ve outlined a few things that I like to do to get myself ready for the week ahead – carry out any of these activities to help your mind and body feel their best. I’d love to hear your ways of looking after yourself when you have a day off!

Start your day off right

Make sure, prior to your day off, that you haven’t made any bookings or have any appointments that might affect your sleep, and in turn, your rest.
Sleep until your body naturally wakes up – it might be around the same time you wake up for work, or it might be at 11am – embrace your bed.
Upon waking, stretch your body out. Twist, turn, lengthen your spine.
Make yourself a breakfast that you love and start the day feeling happy and grateful.

Carry out ‘single’ activities

Even if you usually do yoga with a group of your friends, take today to do it alone. You’ll find yourself being more focused on you, and less competitive on the mat.
Take a bath. Listen to your favourite music and light your favourite candles.
Get a facial – this is one of my favourites. Washing away the previous week’s stresses and revealing a fresh, new you.
Take a stroll – to the market, around the block, on the beach.

Indulge yourself

I’ve found over the years that I rarely have time to carry out the activities I truly love, let alone try new ones! That’s why, on ‘me’ days, I like to paint (an old hobby) and also try out other hobbies I’ve long forgotten about. I find painting very calming and restorative – it ignites my creative side which during the week gets buried beneath work.
Eat what you feel like eating. Nourish your body and let it tell you what it needs.
Read your favourite novel, tea in hand.

Go to bed feeling refreshed and ready for anything!

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