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Interview on friendship with Tina Flannagan

Tina was runner up in our inspiring women of the world competition last year and we were thrilled to have her and her friends join us 2 weeks ago. Click “Read More” below to read her interview on friendship.

What does friendship mean to you?

I am one of the lucky ones who has been blessed with such beautiful, kind and amazingly fun friends. My friends accept me for me and make me laugh until it hurts. The friends I have are all very motivated in all different aspects of life and we get to share so many fun adventures together. Friendship to me means acceptance of who we are, embracing our similarities as well as our differences and having people to share lots of fun adventures together.

How did you come to decide to experience EH on holiday together?

In the past few years us ladies have really found the love for surfing and the ocean. We spoke about a surf trip but never dreamed it would happen then we heard about escape haven and as a few of us LOVE Bali it became the perfect option.

What was your highlight of your holiday?

Every thing at escape haven was amazing from the Villa to the absolutely beautiful staff. For me the highlight was having quality time with friends that I absolutely adore and also getting fun fun waves and photographic evidence to show our families.

What’s your favourite way to spend a day with your girlfriends?

I love waking in the dark and all meeting at our local beach , paddling out and watching the sun come up together while chatting and getting some fun waves. We are often lucky enough to have dolphins join us. I am a very lucky lady.

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