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Yoga with Yuni – Dragon Pose

Dragon pose

(Low Lunge/Anjaneyasana)

Dragon stretches the groin, ankles, and hip flexors. It also makes backbends easier to do because the pelvis becomes freer in its movements. Depending on your flexibility, you might also feel a stretch in the groin of the front leg.

Getting Into the Pose

Begin either on hands and knees or in Down Dog. Step one foot between the hands. Walk the front foot forward until the knee is right above the heel. Slide the back knee backward as far as you can. Keep the hands on either side of the front foot.

Alternatives & Options

– If the back knee is uncomfortable, place a blanket under it, rest the shin on a bolster, or tuck the toes under and lift the leg off the floor.
– If the ankle is uncomfortable, place a blanket underneath or raise the knee by putting a bolster under the shin.
– Press top of foot down firmly, emphasizing the little toe.

Try to hold Dragon for two or three minutes then change side.


You can also place your hands on one knee or on blocks for balance.

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