You Are Perfect in Your Imperfection | Escape Haven Yoga Retreat

You are perfect in your imperfection

Yuni our resident Yoga Goddess shares how yoga teaches us how to be content.

Our culture nowadays places importance on striving for ‘more’. This elusive quest can leave most of us feeling short changed. It triggers our deepest fear that we are not enough. Through this, we lose our ability to be content with what we have and what we are.

Yoga is a ‘mindfulness‘ practice. Through our yoga practice we learn how to be present, fully aware in the moment. On Bali retreat I often teach a number of Yin Yoga classes for this reason. Through this, we will stay in one pose for about 3-5 minutes. It will allow us to be present, to connect with our body and breath, to listen and deal with our mind and emotions. By practicing mindfulness in everything that we do, it is the freedom to allow us to feel content. Allow us to appreciate ourself that we’re prefect in our imperfection. Allow us to appreciate what we have, to honour our limitation and be grounded and not always seeking for something more. You are enough.

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