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Unplug your way to happiness

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it, including you!


Escape-Haven-Unblug-for-HappinessLearning to unplug from technology is such an important wellness skill yet its becoming such a lost art in our ever-connected world. The wisest of us take time to practice the discipline and live happier more conscious lives because of it. 
We chat on retreat how technology has creeped into our lives to such an extent that its common place to sleep with your mobile next to your bed, check social media whilst going to the bathroom and always be ‘on’ with constant notifications of on average 6 different apps. We check our phone on average 6 times every hour and most of us (80%) wouldn’t go one day without our phone. It’s fair to say technology has taken over our lives and our happiness has declined as a result. All this constant comparison on social media of carefully curated worlds puts us out of touch with media and exacerbates the feeling that we are not enough.
I’m all for the healthy use of technology however understand first hand how this can creep into overuse habits and deplete both your happiness and energy levels.


Struggling with staying off technology? Here’s three tips to help reset some healthy boundaries for a happier life.

  1. Have technology embargo times and stick to them. No phones/devices policy at dinner, after hours. It’s proven that using a device an hour before bed means its harder to get and stay asleep. Don’t bring devices into the bedroom so you are not tempted to check.
  2. Turn off all notifications – without alerts on your device with incoming messages or mail, you are much less likely to be one of the masses who check their phone 6 times every hour. When you do that you are distracted from the present moment and the flow of life that you have created. Observe how much more you get done by dong this.
  3. Instead of social media, start your day with mindful activities like connection, cooking, meditation, stretching or a walk. These will do wonders for the rest of your day vs jumping on Facebook as soon as you wake.
Adjust your routine for the next week and see how you feel as a result. Did you have more time? What did you do with it? Did you have better sleeps? Happier days? As always self care doesn’t need to be big things and small adjustments like this to your routine can do wonders for your health and happiness!
Many women come to our Bali yoga retreat to find happiness again, and to just take a break from everything. Go to our website to hear stories from previous guests.

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