Are You Guilty of Being A Superwoman? | Escape Haven Women's Retreat

Are you guilty of being a superwoman?

Are You Guilty of Being a Superwoman?

Put Yourself First With The Art Of Self Care

At our Escape Haven Bali Retreat we host over 500 wonderful women a year and many have shared with us that they find it tricky and sometimes downright difficult to justify putting themselves first!

It’s not that we don’t want to treat ourselves, or rest when we are tired, it’s just that most of us are juggling so many responsibilities and assuming so many labels (mum, friend, boss, sister, manager, girlfriend, daughter -you name it!) the it’s easy to leave our own needs last on the list.

The problem begins when we start to burn out from all of that excessive giving, helping, healing, fixing and solving problems. Yes we are known as being ‘modern day superwomen’ (without the cape of course) but it ends up coming at the cost of our own health and wellness.

Three Reasons Self Care Is Important For Every Super Woman

Avoid Burnout

The number one reason we need to practice self-care is to avoid burnout. When we output too much energy giving to others we end up feeling depleted physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s an awful place to be! The reaction you have to burn out may vary, but the universal truth remains the same. When you’re in burnout you can serve no one including yourself and it can take a long time to climb back to good health from that state so it’s best to practice self care to avoid your tank running dry.


When you’re working hard towards a financial or other life goal the journey can be challenging, but if you keep up your self-care regime that’ll be as tough as it gets. Giving yourself regular time out will balance your hard work and help you to avoid feelings or disheartenment, negativity and loss of passion. Self-care will leave you feeling not just refreshed but freshly positive about the things you’re working towards in life.


When you practice self-care by taking time out, treating yourself to the things you love and resting when you’re tired – your body will thank you with maximum wellness and a freedom of spirit that’ll have you feeling on top of the world! Self-care boosts the immune system which means the negative impacts of stress will wash right off of you, and you won’t get sick as often. So if you find yourself feeling down or constantly tired and lacking in energy than you are probably overdue a round of self-care!

Six Self Care Tips You Can Practice Today

We’ve rounded up some of our Escape Haven Bali yoga retreats team top self care tips and tools. If you’re serious about self-care than take some time to check out the the list of instant fixes below! They’ll help you kick off your self care regime easily. Remember it doesn’t have to be big things, rather, small things practised on a consistent basis that make the difference.

  • Ring the spa and book a treatment – whether it’s hair and nails or a massage and facial. Whatever you feel you need, book it now and let someone pamper you for a change. On our Bali yoga retreat, we have daily spa for this exact reason.
  • Go to a Yin yoga class, relax and heal yourself with restorative poses and take the time to breathe deeply as you go. The benefits of meditation and yin are well known so make sure you soak up the peace. This is a favourite on our Bali retreat and one we practice every evening.
  • Get outside. Pop some sneakers on and hit the pavement. Nature is proven relaxant and you’ll be feeling better in no time with those magical endorphins pumping through your veins.
  • Pick up a paintbrush, a guitar or a craft project. Being creative will centre you and bring you back to the present – and it’s a great way to express any pent up emotion. It’s also a good excuse to try something new. We challenge ourselves to learn something new each month. This month amongst the team it included, Balinese cooking, diving, aerial yoga, horse riding, creative writing and energy healing to name a few!
  • Get in the ocean. The healing benefits of water are universally known so if you’re not a surfer or a diver just go for a swim, lie on the beach for an afternoon and enjoy the sun and salty air. In times of healing, do as the animals do and simply, go to the water. We find the transformation of guests remarkable when they go surfing on one of our Surf Retreat programmes.
  • Sign up for a detox. It could be juicing or just putting down the sugar for a week. If there are any areas where you know you’re overindulging try detoxing and you’ll reap the rewards. If you need a helping hand, check out our recipe book. It’s an excellent way to learn about the benefits of eating clean for your body and your mind!

Let Us Help You To Put Yourself First

While many guests arrive at Escape Haven feeling run down and worn out – every single woman leaves feeling alive and refreshed. We coin it the ‘Escape Haven Glow’. The combination of island living, salty sea air, luxurious pampering, and wellbeing practices of yoga, meditation, surfing and fitness. Being able to let go and surrender to being taken care of and nourished means you are on the path to self care. We’d love to help you with your self care journey and fill up your energy tank. Make sure you get in touch with us here.