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The Escape Haven Bali Retreat Rulebook

The Escape Haven Bali Retreat Rule Book For Productivity

If you’re anything like many of our guests your ‘to do’ list is a long and winding chronicle that on Mondays could easily be mistaken for a short novel! Family, work, the house, the kids, the list goes on. As busy, professional women our responsibilities can feel endless and some days it’s just impossible to be as productive as we want to be. Instead, what we find is possible, is to use a set of systems and practices that mean the time you do have, is used well.

To help, the Escape Haven Bali Retreat girls have put together a list of their top hacks for ultra productivity. We love what we do and we’ve found that by following a few simple practices throughout the day we can do it with maximum FLOW and EASE. The key for us is to be able to walk through life feeling in flow with plenty of time for work, for ourselves and for our loved ones. Read on to discover our Bali yoga retreat rulebook and apply any you think that would help

Stop Multitasking!

Whether you’re good at it or not, try putting a halt to multitasking for a day and measure the results. We call it mono-tasking but Stephen Covey calls it ‘First thing’s First.’ It’s all about working out what’s the most valuable to you and focusing on it. When we multitask we are hemorrhaging our energy across many things vs really getting into the important things first, one by one and completing them. Who else is guilty of 7, 8 or so tabs being open on their browser at one time. This might be a challenge at first but it’s a remarkably refreshing alternative to having an overloaded brain and spreading yourself thin. Try approaching just one thing at a time today, give yourself a time limit for each and you may be surprised to not only see your productivity soar, but feel a sense of flow restored to your day too!

The Mini List

While project management systems are excellent it’s possible to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of items on your project. One great way to simplify things is to get up, take a pen and paper and simply write down the three most important tasks you have to do that day. Keep it somewhere you can see it and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back when they’re done. Affirmation is important to keep us feeling motivated.

Boost Your Endorphins

Even if you’re super busy, block out some time for exercise. Make it a priority to get out in the natural light and get a sweat going. You’ll find it’s an amazing booster for your mental and physical health and will make all of those other tasks seem so much manageable.

Turn Off Your Notifications – Jen’s favourite!

It sounds simple right? This is the agreed tip that has made the biggest difference to all our lives hands down. Try it and see. We all know how distracting it is when messages and notifications keep flashing up on the corner of your computer screen or phone. As women we feel the need to respond and that brings us out of whatever flow we were experiencing. Try setting times in the day to check your email/social media and you’ll be astounded at how much more you can get done. You don’t need to respond to everything immediately so it makes sense to help you focus on one task at a time.

Create Templates

If you find yourself sending a common email response, or setting the same task to staff over and over. Just write the message perfectly once and save a copy on your desktop for copy and pasting or in gmail templates where you can name different templates that you use regularly. Tiny systems like this will make it easier to finish the tasks that are standing in the way of you and your free time.

Use A Password Manager

There’s nothing worse than the frustration of forgetting your password and ending up having to reset it over and over. It’s an epic waste of time that you can slice out of your life with a simple password manager. All you have to do is remember one password to access them all. Watch your productivity levels soar!

Just Say No

The biggest block to productivity is often other people so don’t be hesitant to draw a boundary and put yourself first by saying no if someone asks you to do a favour in the midst of your busy day. You can say it kindly and explain that you’re short on time and you can make sure people don’t feel offended when you deliver it with a smile.

Task Grouping

Batch your tasks! Block them off into groups ordered by task type or location. If you’re running errands, cover off a bunch of tasks at the same time by planning your trip wisely. Think about leaving the house and achieving as much as you can in a single trip. It’ll save you time in traffic and give you that satisfied feeling that comes from getting things done.

Timeboxing – one of Renee’s favourites!

Also known as the Pomodoro technique, this practice involves breaking down your workday into short bursts. Usually, they’re 25 minutes at a time followed by 3-5 minute breaks. You’ll love how much you can get done in these windows and it’s a great way to reduce the feeling of overwhelm. After all, 25 minutes seems so manageable and it really is. You can do it!


For those who suffer from the “I’m too busy to meditate syndrome,” this one is going to sound counterintuitive. Believe us though, blocking out a regular time for mindful meditation practice will restore your energy making the rest of your day so much more peaceful and productive. It doesn’t have to be a huge deal – there’s no need to break out the flowy white pants and prayer beads. You can just start simply by downloading a smartphone app and finding a quiet place to start each morning by clearing your mind with the breath. The key with meditation, like any of these suggestions is consistency vs depth. 5 minutes of meditation each day is far better than a weekly hour long class. Plus, who can’t commit to 5 minutes right?

Now What To Do With All That Free Time?

So there you have it, our secret rulebook for getting things done and being a lot more productive.

At Escape Haven we run award winning Bali yoga, surf and fitness retreats for women just like you. It’s all about putting yourself first, taking some time out on the beautiful island of Bali and getting back to freedom of no plans, no must dos and no to do lists while we pamper and nourish you in paradise. When you are ready to park that to do list, we’ll be waiting for you to join us here.