Introducing Francesca Moi | Escape Haven Women's Health Retreat in Bali


Welcome to the first part of our new series on the Alumnae of Escape Haven (Escape Artists). We’re so proud to have supported these women in their ongoing journey towards health and wellness and we thought it was high time to start telling some of their inspirational stories.

Today we’d like you to meet Francesca Moi, she calls herself the “Crazy Italian Lady” but is actually known as “The Meet Up Queen” and even the “Godmother” of the mafia academy, a group of powerful women working together to grow their businesses through effective networking.

Francesca is the author of two books, a public speaker, a motivational coach and so much more. She built her incredible business; Empowering Events from scratch when she first moved to Australia and she now helps like-minded people to do the same thing.

We love her contagious energy, her attitude to life and her willingness to take on change. Like many of our Alumnae, or Escape Artists as we like to call them, this is a woman who does not give up easily so we’re thrilled to profile her in this month dedicated to the power of women working together.


Francesca left her home in Cagliari Italy at just 19 years old and promptly found herself living in a different country every year. Her wanderlust was strong and this desire to see the world spurred her to keep moving. She spent years travelling the globe, having epic adventures before discovering Australia nine years ago. Something about Brisbane felt right, so although she had no friends or family in the area, she decided to settle and build a business. A bold move!

Francesca was used to travelling alone but the challenge of starting a business was something new entirely. As a foreigner in a different country, she had to learn not just a new culture but a range of different personality types. Despite this she built her business quickly, going from a network of zero to over 8,000 in the first year (she now has a network 20,000 strong!)

She tells us that it didn’t feel like a struggle at the time, but believes the universe was teaching her something about herself and the big puzzle of life. Looking back at that time she says it ultimately made her grow stronger and taught her more about herself and the world than she could have ever expected.


But the truth is, despite what seems like a story of unbridled success and happiness, it wasn’t always easy for Francesca. In her earlier years, she had to overcome adversities common to many of us. She tells us that as a teenager she simply didn’t know how to deal with emotions. She remembers not feeling loved, craving constant attention, feeling lonely and suffering from a vortex of negative thoughts that told her it would be easier to just end it all and start over.

As the years passed, Francesca continued to work on herself with a variety of different psychological training and techniques that helped the thoughts and feelings of that little girl subside. But in June 2017, after running another incredible year of workshops and online training she realised something more had to change. She was starting to feel empty again. She says:

“I was giving so much to my clients and friends, that I forgot about me. I had to stop, re-energize and give ME some self-love.”

This is what led Francesa to an Escape Haven yoga retreat in beautiful Bali. It was here for the first time in way too long she was able to fully prioritise herself instead of her business which she had nurtured like a baby for many years.


When Francesca arrived at Escape Haven she was coming from the height of success, but she’d forgotten how to prioritise her happiness and wellbeing in the same way that she ran her business. Scrupulously! Outwardly she had it all together but on the inside, she was feeling tired and empty.

One of the first things we looked at was the way that Francesca was eating. As a full-blooded Italian woman, she was fond of pizza and pasta. They had almost become a daily part of her diet but she wasn’t yet aware that she was gluten and dairy intolerant. We started by swapping out her diet for her metabolic type and Francesca felt the benefits immediately.

“I am now gluten free and bought a thermomix to adjust my diet and look after my body. I feel so much better!”

Francesca also immediately found a spiritual connection with Bali, the peace and quiet of Escape Haven was a balm to her stressed out psyche and although she’d dabbled with meditation and yoga before, she was also able to renew a practice to support her on retreat.

To keep her energy high she continues to practice meditation morning and night and work with one of the teachers from Escape Haven, Szilvia who says it’s an absolute joy to witness Francesca’s progress from when she arrived in Bali to where she is now.

“Francesca committed to herself 100% when she came on retreat and the results were amazing. She is an incredibly successful, fully functioning businesswoman with a strong connection between her heart and mind, something that Bali is famous for restoring in women. I am honoured to help her walk this journey.” – Szilvia


Today Francesca makes happiness and well-being a priority by locking off dates in her busy calendar for switching off and putting herself first with self love activating weekends, sound healing and many other types of bodywork. She gains strength from the women around her, speaks to her mum almost daily and leans on her friend Liz who she describes as a rock and her business wifey! She also relies on her team member Jaimie who shares a deep passion for the business and brings so much love to the clients and team.

We asked Francesca the advice she would give to her younger self and the answer is truly inspiring:

“You don’t need to work for others that don’t value you… start your own EMPIRE and go for it! You have all you need! You can achieve it all, just do it! I learned to be and feel successful just by being the best version of myself, including the days I am not. I am successful because I chose to live life 100% and follow my calling.”

And in a final question, we asked what she’d tell other women who are thinking about coming to an Escape Haven Bali yoga retreat, or who feel like something is missing in their lives. Her answer touches our heart.

“OMG goooooo! Book now! It was the best! Just what I needed! I met the most amazing like-minded women, it was effortless! I wanted to move there! From now on I will go at least once a year! Do yourself a favour and take time for yourself and let Escape Haven retreat  take you to SELF LOVE in a heartbeat!”

So that’s the first of our Escape Artist Journey series, we hope you enjoyed meeting the beautiful and inspirational Francesca! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. You can also get hold of Francesca on the following link.