The Joys of Sisterhood | Escape Haven Women's Yoga Retreat in Bali


As powerful women, many of us have learned to stay silent in our struggles. The ability to grin and bear pain is something that we’ve become proud of. We call it resilience or self-sufficiency yet so often it’s a source of deep loneliness in our busy lives.

Many of us have had to learn to operate in a world of inequality. So often we compete with men in our careers and feel we must be strong in order to measure up. Showing emotion in the workplace is not rewarded. Being vulnerable in that environment is looked down upon, so we are forced to wear masks and carry on as if unaffected by the peaks and troughs of life as women with busy lives, families and a deep sense of intuition to deal with!

But there is something we can control. There are many communities where we can be equal, and at our Escape Haven yoga retreats, we call it the ‘sisterhood’. This realm is a place where kindred souls can put aside their masks and be free to be open. A place where there’s no need to stay quiet or hide authentic feelings and beliefs.

You can tap into the sisterhood in many ways. Through women’s groups, through yoga retreats or through the power of strong friendships with other women. Read on to discover some of the special experiences we’ve witnessed on our health and wellness retreats.


Every now and then the universe sends each of us a special gift or message. Some call it a window in time or a moment of synchronicity but we call it the doorway to the sisterhood. At Escape Haven we see this moment happen for women from all walks of life on every single retreat.

It usually shows up as an experience with another woman who may not look the same as you, but who feels the same and experiences the same thoughts and issues as you do. It’s the moment you finally get to meet ‘your people’ and get that spark of recognition of you reflected in someone else. It’s the moment when you realise that you’re not alone in your struggles and that the feelings you have are normal.

These moments of connection, relief and true perspective will happen to you on Bali retreat for different reasons, but mostly because you’ll be showing up as your true self. You’ll be free from the labels and roles you’re used to playing in the workplace, in your family and in the rest of life. On retreat all of those masks fall away and what is left, is the essence of you. It’s a great base to start with in terms of making true connections with others.


You might find yourself wondering how it happens, and in some ways, the magic of connection is beyond explanation. Finding your version of the sisterhood takes place without rhyme or reason but the key is placing yourself in the best possible place and frame of mind to allow it to happen.

At our Bali yoga retreat, we create a safe space where you can be your authentic self and witness the authenticity of others emerge. In this controlled and nurturing environment women are more likely to open up, to share and to support one another.

It’s often when you’re trying to learn something new with others that it happens. The sense of camaraderie that’s established when you’re learning to surf together for the first time, or participating in partner yoga is like nothing else on earth. It’s a catalyst to connection and a breeding ground for sisters to find that bond – often through lots of laughter!


On retreat at Escape Haven, you’ll have time to yourself but you’ll also be surrounded by women who share journeys, ideas and stories that inspire and touch you. If you’ve come with a decision that must be made you’ll find new clarity on that decision and feel your world open up with possibilities you weren’t aware of.

If you came to a yoga retreat in Bali because you’re feeling tired and run down you’ll be able to draw on the energy and passion of others as the days of healing self-care work to restore you. If you arrive at Escape Haven with grief to process you’ll find a loving environment where your fellow women will hold you as you go through the journey of letting go and letting the universe work its magic. Though you can find it elsewhere, many women tell us that Escape Haven was their direct pathway to the sisterhood. We’re proud to say that it’s so often the site where lifelong friendships are born and where women find one another in a place of peace, learning and healing.