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The power of an open mind


Six Ways To Open Your Mind & Trust The Process

It was 1917 when Amelia Earhart had her first glimpse of an aeroplane. Born in Kansas she was on holiday in Toronto with her sister when they came across an aviation expo by chance. At the time Amelia had no plans to fly, no interest in planes and knew nothing about aerodynamics. Then out of the blue, one of the pilots above her soared his small red aircraft in a wide dip over the crowd and she felt a tiny jolt of realisation.

Though many things were against her at the time it was this small flash of recognition and a faint sense of destiny that led her to investigate flying lessons and eventually become the most famous female pilot of her time. In her biography she said: “I believe that little red airplane whispered something to me as it swished by” and she was right – that little red plane signalled the start of an incredible new life. One she never could have imagined possible.

The Power Of Trusting The Universe

Whether you consider yourself spiritual, religious or atheist there’s something to be said for the magic that happens when you surrender to the flow of life and let what’s meant to be, just be. Some describe it as fate, others call it synchronicity, but whatever the language you use, it’s a wonderful feeling when you get still and centred enough to fall into synch with the universe. This could mean something as simple as finding the perfect parking spot when you’re running late to a meeting – or something more profound, like Amelia who in a single moment discovered a love of flight that totally altered the course of her life as she uncovered her true destiny.

It makes me ponder what hidden destinies there are amongst our guests, ourselves, our family that are yet to be uncovered and importantly mull on ways to understand and be open enough to hear those whispers of the heart.

At our Escape Haven Bali Retreats, we believe deeply in the manifestation of abundance because we’ve seen the evidence of it time and again. When women take time out of their busy lives to come on a yoga or health retreat with us they are able to find a place of peace and calm that not only opens their minds but also their hearts to what the universe has in store for them. It allows them to tap into their infinite wisdom and peel back the layers of noise and distraction that modern day life piles on.

Tips To Cultivate An Open Mind

The tricky thing about letting go of control and trusting the process is our fear of the unknown. This fear influences all sorts of decisions and can result in a state of close-mindedness where we shut ourselves off from the gifts that are due to us. While we can’t claim to remove your fear, we can share a few of the things we do to keep an open mind in everyday life.

  1. Embrace the unknown
    When you come across new challenges we recommend you change your mindset a little. Instead of shying away, try leaning in and embracing the unknown. You may not know the end result, but by forging ahead as if everything will turn out perfectly – you’ll not only find yourself plunged deeply into the moment and 100% occupied with the challenge, you’ll get a sense of achievement and esteem that feels amazing.
  2. Take time to be still
    Daily meditation. We can’t stress this practice enough. The effect of a regular meditation routine is astounding. You’ll find yourself feeling happier, more peaceful and more able to accept whatever comes your way plus 20 minutes of meditation per day is equal to an extra 4 hours of sleep!
  3. Recognise your bias
    If you’re feeling strong emotions or resistance in any situation take a moment to step back and look at the reasons why your feelings are so strong. It’s likely that you’re looking at things through a lens of personal bias that you may not even be aware of. We all have ingrained belief systems, so think about how yours is influencing the way you see and react to life.
  4. Listen carefully to others
    There’s nothing more powerful than looking someone in the eye and actively listening to what they are saying. This is especially helpful if you’re in a new situation, or feeling challenged by someone’s point of view. Try taking a big breath and casting aside your judgment to listen carefully. You might be surprised at the results and your ability to really hear what someone is saying vs being reactive on what you are perceiving to hear in your fight or flight mode.
  5. Listen to your senses
    If something comes along that makes your inner senses perk up then trust them! It could be an interesting new connection in your network or a whisper to go somewhere or do something. Whatever it is, if your gut tells you to follow the path then do so. No harm can come from investigation!
  6. Expect abundance
    It might sound cheesy but when you start approaching life with an attitude of hope, faith and trust you’ll begin to see outrageously different results. We’re not saying positivity will ensure your existence becomes about rainbows and unicorns, just that if you truly expect the universe to provide abundantly – you’ll be carried in a way that seems to defy logic. Try it sometime, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Open Your Mind To The Possibilities

Every month on our Bali yoga retreat, we see groups of women take a risk and open themselves to the healing and connection that comes from attending our wellness holidays. It’s a beautiful experience to witness the transformation that happens to a woman before and after her Escape Haven Bali retreat experience. By getting centred and peaceful here you can open your mind and become truly available to what the universe has in store for you.