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7 ways to call in things that really matter

It was holiday time so the woman decided she could linger a little longer than usual in the cafe. She ordered another coffee and stared absentmindedly at the plants growing along the fence, it was funny, they’d all grown so much over the last year and she hadn’t really noticed. Christmas and New Year’s eve had passed and with them, the excitement she felt about celebrating with her family and friends had also passed. For some reason, she had woken up that morning feeling low but she didn’t know why.

From the outside life seemed to be going well. Anyone that looked at her would see a smiling woman who appeared to be fulfilling her dreams. She had a good job and many lovely friends. But inside, unbeknownst to the world, she carried a sense of sinking disappointment. It was as if she knew there was more to life but she just couldn’t get a grasp on it.

The elusive nature of happiness

Her story is more common than you think and one we often here at our Bali retreats. At this time of year, lots of us are thinking about the things that we did and didn’t achieve in the last 12 months and wondering if we’re as happy or as fulfilled as we should be. We wonder if we’re living the lives we want to live and so often we decide we’re coming up short.

The truth is, we all just want to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be right?. But somehow that ideal person seems to always exist just beyond our reach. So how do we call in the things that really matter and will make us happy? How do we become the best versions of ourselves?

Here are some of the things our Escape Haven yoga retreat team shared. At Escape Haven we work together to help empower women to become their best versions on our Bali retreat so these topics are common around the dining room table or pool.

Recognise – Decide what your own best version of self is and stop chasing value in things that other people think are important.

Realise – There are actually no shortcuts. It’s annoying but the haircut, the outfit, the job or the partner won’t make you the woman you want to be. It’s an inside job.

Accept – You may have an idea about your perfect self that just can’t be achieved. If you’re looking for what really matters in life think about expanding who you really are instead of trying to be someone else.

Investigate – Open an investigation into your true self. Try using a vision board, just gather a few old magazines and skim through them ripping out images that attract you. Assemble them all on an A3 piece of card and then reflect on what the images tell you. Maybe you’ve been aiming in the wrong direction.

Learn – It’s never been easier to upskill than it is now. With online courses and even youtube videos, you can learn new skills without investing huge amounts of money. If you feel the best version of you would be a master of spreadsheets or know how to change a tyre then learn! You can do it if you give it a try.

Distract – When you’re working towards a goal or trying to envision a future for yourself things can get a little bit serious, so don’t forget to distract yourself and enjoy the journey. Do fun things, listen to music and try to relax. The universe really does have a plan for you!

Turn inward – Try a mindfulness practice like meditation, surfing or yoga. You’ll be so thrilled at the peace and equanimity they can bring to your life. There are so many benefits to turning inward and you may just find the best self you’ve been looking has been waiting all along.

It’s an inside job!

Though we live in a world that’s rife with the desire to own more and be more, it’s likely that you won’t find true satisfaction by collecting the trinkets of life. Yes, driving a nice car and wearing designer clothes feels great, but it may not fulfil you in the way you truly want – on a soul level.

The best thing to remember while you’re fixing the outside is that happiness and the best version of you will always emerge from the inside. Everything you achieve will come from applying authentic heart and soul to your moments.

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