How To Set Meaningful Goals | Escape Haven Health Retreat in Bali

9 tips for setting meaningful goals instead of punishing resolutions!

As 2018 begins I bet many of you are trying to white-knuckle your way into keeping a promise you’ve made to yourself to stop doing something you really enjoy. It might be chocolate or sleeping in late, or that glass of red you like in the evenings. Whatever the resolution you’ve made I want to share with you an awesome way I’ve found to help reframe my resolutions so they actually motivate me instead of feeling like a punishment.

You see everyone says resolutions are a good thing but the reason that people so often fail to keep those promises to themselves is because they don’t attach a deeper meaning to them. We so often choose resolutions about losing weight and forget to consider what the weight loss will actually mean for us in our lives. In this case, the goal becomes a number on the scales instead of the many other benefits that health offers and we can easily get lost along the way! We also don’t ask ourselves, what sort of discomfort are we willing to experience to really go for this goal. Results don’t happen without some form of sweat, how much are you willing to expend for yours?

So here are 9 tips I’ve learned over my years of working with women at our Bali yoga retreat to help them achieve their goals. So many of us want to change our lives and I’ve come to believe that setting motivational goals instead of punishing resolutions is the key and being honest with yourself and how far you are willing to go to reach them will be the key to realising them or not.

How to make them meaningful!

Stop overcommitting – If your resolution involves achieving a series of different things, think about slowing down a little. Try going easy with your progress and be realistic about creating a routine that challenges you but doesn’t feel like a military regime. Slow and steady wins the race – so be the winning tortoise instead of the exhausted hare.

Get crystal clear – Make your resolution or goal super clear and very specific with measurable steps for progress. You need to make sure you reward your good behaviour along the way so you feel like you’re on a roll.  Knowing how far you’ve come already will get you through any tough moments.

Try multi goals –  Try setting yourself a range of different goals in different areas of your life. Make some of them easy and some more challenging. It’s great for the soul to get those easy wins and will motivate you to keep going on the tougher ones.

You’re not alone – If you share your goals with friends you’ll find yourself more accountable and able to call on others if you feel like giving up! Plus their progress will inspire you to keep going. There’s nothing better than achieving a goal as part of a team.

Raise the stakes – Make sure your goals lead to something that excites you. In other words don’t just go for a run four times a week for fitness, try training for a half marathon. You’ll be surprised at the extra motivation that some excitement provides.

Believe – If you’re someone who has failed to keep your resolutions in the past, now’s the time to reframe and rename them as goals! Start with the easy ones and before you know it you’ll feel like a winner. Resolutions out the window. Goals on form!

Get help! – You don’t have to white knuckle it alone. If less sugar is your goal then think about seeing a nutritionist and getting a meal plan. If more time for self is your goal then try booking a yoga retreat where you’ll have a whole team of healers to support you. The key is finding a mentor to guide you instead of doing it alone.

Imagine – Picture yourself winning the race or fitting into that wedding dress, or getting the new job as clearly as you can. By using the power of imagination you can build a mental picture of how it will feel to achieve your goal. This will provide you unlimited motivation on those days when your head is loud.

Tell on yourself – If you’re having negative thoughts or doubts about your goals then share them! Whether you tell a friend or just write it in your journal – get that toxic stuff out of your head so you can refocus on your mission.

So, there we have it. The 9 tips to reach your heart’s desires. Yes, it may be about about discipline but we can super power our ability to be disciplined with a side of motivation and a touch of inspiration on the side. Go for it!