Short, Simple Yoga Flow (Free PDF Download) | Escape Haven Retreat

Follow Kin and Laura’s short, simple yoga flow

Yoga provides us the luxury to move, experience and find a greater connection with self. Follow this sequence at your own pace, as slowly or as quickly as you like, moving whilst slowing the breath.

You have the option to close your eyes and really focus on the movement and make sure that you are practicing somewhere that is quiet and you wont be interrupted. Begin in anjala asana pose with hands at heart centre and take a few big deep breaths into the heart space.

When you are ready follow the sequence from left to right, remembering to move intuitively and mindfully. This is less about the correct posture and more about how we feel we when practice. Repeat this as many times as is necessary or until you have created your own rhythm.

Yoga to me is a connection to self and by completing this sequence, I find a greater sense of awareness, purpose and self. ENJOY! Love Laura x

Download the pdf

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