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Janine’s reflections on 2017

As we embark on a brand new year, we interviewed our founder, Janine on what were some of her biggest lessons from 2017 and beyond. Here are her 14 standouts. We’d love to hear some of yours. Please share yours below.

Lessons from 2017

  1. Your environment is everything, choose your friends and partner wisely as they will influence the quality of your life more than anyone else. Don’t be afraid to edit, people change and its ok to say goodbye if the connection is no longer there. To not, damages your health and ultimately changes your path too.
  2. Hire on attitude – you can teach skills however attitude cannot be learnt. Be crystal clear on what values are important to you and surround yourself with a team that embody those.
  3. It’s not what happens that defines us but rather what we choose to do when we meet adversity that does. Don’t let events mark you.
  4. Everything has a solution. As long as no one has died, you are doing ok and the world will still continue to spin. Don’t be in a rush to react but rather allow time to be your teacher. It’s amazing what perspective a good sleep or walk on the beach can bring.
  5. Celebrate your wins. The world needs inspiration so don’t be shy about putting it out there. Success builds upon success and gives others permission to do the same.
  6. Don’t focus on your weaknesses but rather own your strengths – you’ll get so much further investing in strength vs weakness based training. Shine at your strengths and be proud of them vs beating yourself up about what aren’t necessarily your talents.
  7. Always be honest, then you don’t need to remember anything!
  8. Understand the why’s of others – its so much richer relating to others based upon purpose.
  9. A peak ALWAYS follows a trough. Hang in there, calm water is on its way.
  10. If you trust those giving you feedback, then be open and listen to those that have greater experience. Generally, those offering it are giving you their time and feedback as they are wanting you to do well.
  11. Relentlessly pursue the things that add the sparkle in your years. Where ever you focus your attention will prosper and that includes your weeds. Be wise with your time and what you spend it on and what you talk about.
  12. Be grateful – life isn’t guaranteed, it doesn’t owe you anything, you never know when you will have your last moment/last time with something or someone, so make things count and do things with a grateful mindset.
  13. If you are not passionate about something, just don’t. Life is too short to spend valuable moments pursuing luke warm things that don’t make your heart beat faster.
  14. The quality of your year will be in direct correlation to your passion, perseverance and mindset. Make sure they are in alignment and watch how far you will go.

Photo: Rowe Timson

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