Transport To A Bali Retreat With Heart Chakra Meditation | Escape Haven

The Zen Zone: Transport yourself to our Bali retreat with Laura’s heart chakra meditation.

Join Laura at our luxury Bali yoga retreat for a 6 minute ANAHATA CHAKRA  sequence. It’s a beautiful green chakra located in the heart space guiding our sense of love and kindness towards self.

Anahata translates to the type of love that is unstuck or unhurt. The type of love that exists beneath any pain or grief. We gift ourselves this love first and then it flows into abundance to those around us. This short meditation is to help heal any pain and allow us to breath deeply to create space for our heart to sing.

To help establish a meditation practice, remember its not the length that counts but rather, the consistency. Try meditating for even a few minutes each morning when the mind is empty and free of noise. After one week of applying this practice you will feel lighter and more energised. Keep a look out for more meditation and yoga videos from Laura and Kin, filmed at our Bali retreat.

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