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Introducing Caren – The Master-ess of transformation!

Meet one of our inspiring Alumnae from our Bali retreat, Caren! Coach Caren Magill is a master-ess of transformation. She’s an Entrepreneur, fitness coach and the creator of The Fit Habit: A programme supporting women over 40 to become the ultimate version of themselves through exercise and nutrition. Caren is a Canadian, originally from Richmond Hill, Ontario who now resides in California with her husband. She lives her life with an ethos of positivity, self-love and an unfailing commitment to stepping out of her comfort zone.

Read on to meet this incredible woman who we’re thrilled to profile as the latest Alumnae in our Escape Artist series.

A quick scan through Caren’s list of qualifications uncovers that she’s a certified nutrition coach and a member of the National Assoc. Sports Medicine (NASM). She’s also a yoga teacher, a Beachbody advocate and an instructor in Piyo – a practice which combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. To top it all off Caren has Master’s degree in Media psychology. Despite all of this Caren, like many of us has struggled with confidence and self-belief.


It might sound strange that a woman with so many achievements would share about feeling inadequate but it’s something that Caren has battled for years and was generous enough to share openly about in her interview. Her struggle with the imposter syndrome will be familiar to many of you and is known to plague the majority of CEO’s in fortune 500 companies too!. It’s that icky feeling that we’re not good enough, despite all evidence to the contrary. It’s a sneaky and often unspoken fear that someone will eventually expose us a fraud and everything will fall to pieces.

At our Bali Retreat – Escape Haven, we find many women share the same thoughts and feelings as Caren. We’ve also seen that if you don’t actively fight against it, imposter syndrome can you hold you back as you move through the ups and downs of professional life. So, if you’re feeling a little low of late, then Caren has an inspiring point of view that we wanted to share with you. Like her, we hope you’ll realise you’re actually far more powerful than you give yourself credit for and you are also not alone in feeling this way!

“Truth be told, my entire life has been a demonstration of trial and lots of error. I truly feel like I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, but I have to push through that insecurity because if I don’t, I’ll never move forward or grow.  The funny thing is, when I look back at all the things I’ve accomplished, several businesses, university degrees, leadership roles in big companies and all my creative pursuits, I always landed on my feet.  Even though I never felt as though I was good enough or prepared enough for anything, I did it anyway and found success when I didn’t give up.”


As a fitness coach, you’d think that Caren would be one of those cheery and naturally energetic sorts who just blossoms when she’s at the gym. But she humbly shares that like many of us, she actually doesn’t love working out at all. It was something she had to learn to turn into a habit after going through her own transformation as a young woman:

“When I was in my early twenties, my story about my personal health and self-esteem was VERY different then it is now. I was seemingly invincible then. I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes every single day, hit the McDonald’s drive through regularly and I’d go out on drinking binges with friends that would last to the wee hours of the morning, then accept rides home from strangers. It amazes me that I made it through that period of time unscathed. As a result of those behaviors, habits, and choices, I was overweight, unhealthy and pretty unhappy with myself. I was also a full-time bartender at the time without a high school diploma. Yup. That was me.”

It’s just awesome to see the complete 180 degree turnaround that Caren has made since then, and easy to see why we call her the master-ess of transformation! Over the years, Caren has become one of the most highly qualified, well known coaches in her industry and fitness is something she uses now to manage stress and maintain her health.


Caren shares the Escape Haven ethos and believes that we all need to give ourselves permission to make ourselves the priority. She says that when women do this, it gives others permission and inspiration to do the same. This concept of encouraging women to flourish manifests in her work with women over 40, but she especially loves seeing the effect when we empower and elevate younger women.

In a similar approach to what you’ll find at our women’s retreat in Bali, Caren uses a variety of different techniques to help empower the women she coaches. Exercise, nutrition and mindset training are part of it, but for her, recommending a yoga style practice is just as important. Below she shares about the way yoga has changed her life.

“I found yoga at a point in life where I really needed it. I was grieving the loss of my mother and it helped me heal from that loss. However, what I didn’t expect was for it to change the trajectory of my life. I ended up studying to be a teacher in India! I’ve never formally taught classes, but the philosophy and practice are always there when I need it. I think yoga is a powerful practice for change and transformation.”

Caren’s job is to help women with their own health and wellness so she has to make extra sure she focuses on balancing her time for self-care with her relationship and her work. By doing this she is able to remain a healthy, happy and truly inspirational woman.


We asked Caren what she was most proud of in her life and she shared that it’s her ability to be courageous and try new things despite feeling fearful.

“Take lots of risks! Try things that feel wildly out of your comfort zone. Based on what I said about always feeling inadequate, it’s a big deal for me to try new things. But I always do, and I always will.”

Her advice is some we hope you’ll follow in all aspects of your life, to feel the fear and do it anyway as you have so much to gain by being brave. If you think you need a little support to help you get going – then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. Escape Haven provides tailored retreats for women from every walk of life and we’d love to provide you with a haven to come back to your true self.

You can find out more about Caren here. 

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