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How to create a simple joy list to reignite passion in your life.

Bringing passion and play into your everyday life

Passion is such a ‘big’ word. I’ve recently been writing about it after many conversations with our beautiful guests at our Bali retreat. I reflected on how our passion changes as we grow and its not always clear what our passion is – let alone how to bring it into our everyday lives. It’s so important to ensure we focus on finding our passion as when we don’t make space for the things that make us come alive, or our hearts beat a little bit faster, other things then come and take that place.

All of a sudden, we fill our days with things that keep us busy and distract us but lack those gorgeous joy producing effects. We trade what we love for T.V., Social Media, Excessive working, hanging out with negative people, eating out of habit, over-spending, etc. This happens because we just forget to create space needed to really tap into what fuels our joy.

So…Instead of passion being your ‘one true calling’ or your life’s purpose let’s think about passion as simply something that brings you joy. I know that finding my passion has been a life-long process of discovery but that the moments of joy I experience are always a clue, so let’s take a step backwards and focus on bringing joy and play into our everyday lives. What could go wrong?! You may just find your one true calling after all. After you have done this, you are ready for our passion test blog!

Create a joy list

I bet there are a few things that you already know bring you joy so let’s use them to kick off your list. It could be orange chocolate chip ice cream or seeing your kids learn something new, or finally finding the perfect pair of shoes, or being creative, or reading an inspiring book or playing sports or even helping others. Whatever brings you joy and lightheartedness deserves to be on the joy list. It doesn’t have to be formal, try making a note in your phone. Getting conscious about what brings you joy and play will make it easier to bring it into your life. For those that journal, include it in your morning journalling.

Boost your joy list

Now step outside of the norm and supercharge your joy list. Ask the people you admire what brings them joy, think about the last time you had a belly laugh and add a couple more items to your list. Get creative and think big. Even if the joy activities are hard to achieve on your own they deserve a place on the list and eventually a regular spot in your life.

Schedule in a dose of joy

I know you’re all busy but this time I’m not taking no for an answer! Whether it’s five minutes or an hour I want you to put aside a defined spot in your schedule starting today. You can combine your joy moment with something else you already have planned, you can get creative and bring joy to the workplace – anything! Just get clear in your mind that you’re going to experience joy and play for a short time starting today. No more excuses, life is too short to live without moments of joy.

Share your joy

Tell somebody about your joy, one of the best ways to bring passion and play into your life is to share your intentions with others. Of course, joy can be achieved while you’re alone, but connecting with another human is a great way to maximise your joy and encourage a sense of play. My neighbour Sara, plays a weekly tennis match with some girlfriends and last week, she shared with me that they decided to play a whole game without scoring. They took the competition out of the game and simply focused on moving their bodies, hitting with skill and cheering each other on. She shared that it had been years since she laughed so much.

Find joy in the mundane

This one will really help with scheduling or if you feel you’ve got too much on to make time for play. The point here is to bring moments of joy and play into the mundane moments of everyday life. If you’re shopping or running errands, try making a conscious effort to smile at people or starting a conversation with an unlikely person or even play your favourite music in the car singing along. You’ll be surprised at how listening and connecting with strangers can really lighten your mood.

Fourteen quick joy fixes

Ok, if you’re still struggling to bring joy and play into your life then don’t worry! Try one of these 14 quick fixes to introduce some joy into your life.

  1. Listen to an inspirational speaker on your way to work
  2. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and play them when you next work out or are in the car
  3. Go for a walk in nature and take photographs of anything that you find beauty in
  4. Give an unexpected compliment to someone and watch them light up
  5. Send a text to one of your favourite friends listing everything you love about them
  6. Sign up for a new class at the gym and give it a try even if you feel a little silly
  7. Book yourself in for a relaxing massage and pamper session at a local spa
  8. Take yourself on a date with your favourite magazine and a nice glass of wine
  9. Book yourself in for a new haircut and reinvent your look
  10. Volunteer for a charity or do some service for someone in need
  11. Look online for a new work challenge, who knows what’s out there waiting for you
  12. Go to a comedy show or watch a comedy special on Netflix.
  13. Write a list of everything you are grateful in your life
  14. Spend some quality time with a great girlfriend doing something that makes you laugh

Connect with joy at our Bali Retreat Escape Haven

I was once told that finding passion and joy happens most easily when we are connected with our true selves and able to let go of the old ideas about who we are. Doing this requires a little space and time out. You may just find taking some time out in Bali and making some space for your true self to emerge will bring you more joy than you could have ever imagined.

Jen x

EH Founder

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