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The Healing Power Of Creativity

You’ll see many of our recent Bali retreat blogs have been dedicated to creativity and there’s a very good reason why. Other than making us feel great, it has incredible healing powers. Doctors and psychiatrists realised this decades ago and began applying the practice of art therapy to their patients in modern medicine. Creativity has been proven to regenerate our bodies, accelerate the healing process and build up our resistance to disease! I know when our Bali retreat guests are expressing their creative side, they feel alive and free. So I thought I’d explain a little more about the science behind creative healing to get you moving with your next creative project. It’s something we build into the elements of our Bali retreat packages, to ensure our guests feel revitalised.

Defining creative healing

If you read the other blogs we have written in this creativity series, you’ll know that I define creativity as a wide practice of activities and expression. I’m not just talking about writing or painting or making sculptures. I’m talking about the process of change and transformation. Creative healing can be found in the Google searches and the late night blog reading we do, the authors, speakers and teachers we are attracted to, and the way we manifest our desires in our everyday lives. Creative healing can be found through any activity that makes us feel vibrant and alive. We know it when we feel empowered! Whether it’s in the gym, on the yoga mat or even in our meditation practice. For many on our Bali surf retreats, its on a surfboard when they experience the thrill of surfing or SUP for the first time!

Movement and transformation

Every day, all of us are slowly but surely moving and changing as we walk through the world. We’re adapting ourselves to new environments and breaking free of bonds. Each time you set a boundary or do something that’s out of your comfort zone you are creatively healing yourself. Life itself demands that we be flexible and this constant movement is a transformative force allowing us to heal and become whole.

Think about starting a new job or embarking on a new relationship or even a new hobby. At first, it’s going to seem unfamiliar and strange – but as we break free of the old conditions we used to define ourselves with – and expand into the new versions of ourselves – things become more fluid. Your yoga practice will make you feel very different on the fourth week then it did on the first day. It’s the real you, breaking free of your old shell and emerging into your true self.

What to do in times of struggle

Creative healing is most powerful when we feel stuck in a situation. Life, as we know, is a constantly shifting force but if we find ourselves stuck in old patterns then creative healing is the answer. The trick is learning to recognise these situations for what they are and consciously evoke the creative healing methods that work for us. You can check in on some easy ways to get creative in this article or just follow your instincts. One tip I always follow – if it makes me feel good then it’s likely to be a force for creative healing.

If you don’t learn to recognise and evolve when struggle comes up in everyday life, then you’re going to find yourself facing a crisis of one sort or another and repeating the same patterns. I know this is often what brings women to Bali on retreat at Escape Haven and one of the healing methods we use is to help our clients release their own forms of creative healing. Whether it’s through journaling, jewellery making, cooking, water sports, establishing a yoga routine or like me, with yogic breathing on the mat. Breaking free of struggle with creative healing is a tool that will serve you for life and make you feel so good in the process – it has the power to turn a ho hum frustrating day in a fulfilling and happy one.

As long as you stay in the stuck place – either consciously or unconsciously you’ll find yourself repeating those patterns that cause suffering. Have you found that you have the same patterns or events that keep coming up and you don’t know why? It could be choosing the wrong partners, abandoning yourself due to low self-esteem or even negative self-talk. But by engaging methods of creative living, you can flood your situation with light and love and come right back to the inner child inside of you who feels joy and peace. Living creatively and taking on an attitude of self-love and positivity will bring you back to the now. It will land you directly in the present moment and heal you from the suffering in life that feels overwhelming but doesn’t have to be. Your inner wisdom knows what you need so listen up and let creative healing be the pathway to a happier life.

Creative healing at Escape Haven

Sometimes accessing the wellspring of wisdom inside of you requires taking some time out from the real world. If you’ve got the time and space then I urge you to consider taking a retreat in beautiful Bali. It’s an incredible gift to yourself. Women often tell me that their Bali retreat was the start of a whole new way of life and I honour them for their courage and commitment to themselves. Sometimes we have to surrender all of our logic to connect with the vibrant truth and aliveness that exists inside us all. I wish you well on your journey.

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