Four Ways For Busy Women to Connect with their Creative Sides

4 ways for busy women to connect with their creative sides

If you have a creative soul that’s not being used to its full capacity then you should know that you’re not alone and there are some simple fixes. There are so many of us out here in exactly the same situation. I know I should be more creative, I know that creativity makes me feel amazing and yet, somehow, the time each day slips away from me. Parenting my little girl, being pregnant and running our Bali yoga retreat Escape Haven, take up more hours than I have available some days so I’ve had to resort to a few quick fixes to get my weekly dose of creativity. For me, it’s not so much about pulling out an easel or composing a poem. Creative moments can happen in the simplest ways so I try to remember to make them happen wherever I can or I know, I suffer the consequences.

What happens when we deny our creative selves?

When life gets away from me and I stop making creativity a priority in my week, a few unpleasant things start to happen – that feeling of lack lustre, tiredness and overwhelming moments at times. For years I didn’t realise that this was because I was stifling my creativity so I thought I’d share my symptoms with you. Maybe there’s a simple fix for you too?

Tiredness and lack of motivation  

One example that comes to mind is writing. I love to write! But some weeks there just isn’t time or I can’t find the words and on those weeks I notice my energy levels drop. I know all you mums out there will be able to relate to suffering from broken sleep but this is something extra. When I sit down and let out my creativity in these blogs, I end up feeling alive and energised.


Another creative passion I follow is meditation, I’m spoiled really, we have some amazing teachers at our Bali retreat with Kin and Laura being in residence. But when I don’t let my body get into the flow with yogic breathing and a constantly changing creative practice, life can quickly become overwhelming and things pile up! Those little things like when my precious toddler Indii has a tantrum while I’m trying to talk to a client on the phone, or a Bali traffic jam when I’m on my way to a meeting can really make my overwhelm levels rise. It’s not an exaggeration to say meditation is my saviour. I never used to think it was creative but I’ve realised that it opens my mind and heart in unexpected ways and leads to such creative thought – so much so that after my morning practice I always have a journal on hand to write the free flow of ideas that purge after class.

Unexpected ways to get creative – even when you’re busy.

I know many of my readers are busy, professional women who, struggle to find the time to set aside space for traditional creative activities so I spoke to a couple of our talented retreat team about what they do to stimulate their minds and connect with the power of creativity. Like yoga you may find these more simple activities are a little unexpected but give them a chance and try building them into your weekly schedule, you’ll really discover the benefits!

Drink Tea – Treat yourself with a loving ritual – a favourite of Manik our Chief Smile Maker!

Next time you’re at an organic market or grocery store take a moment to choose a new flavour of tea. It’s best to brew it in a teapot that you can keep warm with a tea cozy or a plunger you can add hot water to when you’re ready. Now choose yourself a cup that you love to drink from and reserve it just for you. There’s nothing nicer than sitting down, even for ten minutes wherever you can and enjoying the pleasure of a simple cup of tea. Make it a short daily ritual and really take the time to inhale the aroma. Opening the olfactory senses is a great way to get present. It’s a refreshing energy burst. I recommend you experiment with flavours, build up a collection of teas you love and treat yourself with the blend you feel you most deserve.

Read – Take yourself on a unique journey – a favourite of Renee our Chief Happiness Officer

The first important thing is that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to finish a book, or what type of book you read. There’s no need to judge yourself. Just choose something you like. If you don’t enjoy complex literature choose something easy and compelling. There’s nothing more relaxing and creatively stimulating then escaping to another world and letting a good writer pull you into their story. Reading will not only help you relax but widen your vocabulary and help you express your feelings with more clarity. When you read books your imagination goes into overdrive as you picture the scenes and characters in the story. So put down that work research and pick up a non-fiction book before bed tonight.

Garden – Connect with nature – a favourite of T our Finance Manager

Use the space you have to develop your green thumb. Whether you have a little bit of room for a succulent collection on your windowsill or a more spacious garden area to stretch out. Try visiting the garden centre and picking up some new plants to nurture. Getting your hands on the earth (and even a little bit of mud under your fingernails) is a great way to connect with your creative side. Plus you’ll find yourself feeling pleased every time you look at your little creation.

Try a new recipe – Treat your taste buds – a favourite of Suz our Happiness Officer

Look online for a recipe containing your favourite food and try cooking something new this week. It could be something simple or a dish that takes more time and effort. Whatever you choose make sure you focus on being mindful of the process. Carefully wash the vegetables, inhale the scents of the herbs and then slowly prepare yourself a loving meal. The kitchen is a wonderful place to let your creativity shine in unexpected ways.

Travel – wanderlust somewhere new –  a favourite of mine and most of the team

This is such a favourite of mine, my friends and our beautiful guests that join us on our Bali retreat. By opening your senses to a new culture, even for a week, will allow you to immerse yourself in learning something new that will shape your thinking and outlook. It’s hard to remain unchanged from a travel experience.

There’s No Time Like The Present To Be Creative

If you’re a busy woman like so many of our guests, then I hope you can take the time to explore these unexpected ways to tap into your creative side. They’re all simple little techniques which will relieve tension, reduce stress, switch your brain off and allow you to enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive.

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