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How to get the most out of your Bali yoga retreat as a solo traveller

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If you’re thinking about attending a Bali yoga retreat, then read on to  get the inside word on exactly HOW to maximise your experience. Most women come to Bali yoga retreats with a decision to make, a conflict to resolve or even some healing to do. So if that’s your situation too, don’t worry, Bali is the perfect environment for taking time out, applying self-love and feeling out the best way to move forward with your life back home. Read on for sage advice from some of our recent retreat attendees. Whether you’re coming to see us at Escape Haven, or going to another Bali yoga retreat, we hope you get the most out of your time in Bali.


We all have expectations about ‘how experiences will be’ or ‘how we will feel’ during certain moments, but it’s important to be open-minded and willing to let your Bali yoga retreat experience flow naturally – instead of trying to control it. This applies especially if you are trying new forms of yoga or getting used to a new teacher. Try to remain open-minded and non-judgmental of yourself and also others. This experience is what you make it and be going with the flow with an open heart and mind, you will reap the rewards. Trust in the knowledge that your teachers are there to support, guide and nourish you. So relax, let the pace of a Bali yoga retreat wash over you and every time you find yourself lost in thought, just come to back to the breath.


Travel is an adventure, and a big part of that embracing adventure is becoming resilient to unexpected events. We hope everything on your Bali yoga retreat is flawlessly organised but if the universe does intervene,  try and be at peace with what is and trust that your retreat manager is doing everything she or he can to help. For example, if your luggage is sent to the wrong place – try not to buy into those feelings of panic or anxiety. Or, if your plane is delayed, try to see it as a good thing and use the extra time for self-care. In life, unexpected things do happen, but if you build resilience to these events, you’ll find yourself stepping into a more peaceful and serene way of living.


You may arrive at your Bali yoga retreat alone, but you don’t have to stay that way! Take a moment on day one to say a friendly hello to the others on retreat with you. You don’t have to become ‘instant best friends’ or overshare about the reasons you have come to Bali, just make a simple connection, and you’ll be surprised at how that develops over the retreat. You’ll be sharing not only a yoga mat but an experience that can deeply change you. It’s a beautiful gift to connect with others who are on the same journey, and you never know why the universe has placed you together in Bali at the same time. So tap into the ‘synchronicity’ of coincidental meetings and honour these opportunities to connect with like-minded souls


There are different daily schedules at every Bali yoga retreat you’ll find advertised online. Some retreats are set up to be ‘yoga-intense’ with many classes per day (and an expectation of commitment) while others are more relaxed and will allow you to choose your own mat time and drop in and out as you feel. At Escape Haven we intentionally schedule in self-care and extra time to relax in between our yoga classes. There is no expectation that you will attend every class and we encourage guests to do as much or little as they like, We believe it’s important to give yourself space to merge with the practice rather than drive yourself to show up to every single class and risk overwhelm. The tendency to push ourselves to ‘achieve’ is rife in modern society but you don’t have to bring that with you on your Bali retreat. Instead, be flexible, make your retreat truly your own. If you’re feeling tired, rest. If you’re full of energy, do an extra class. Being in Bali means you can let go of self-expectation entirely.


Wellbeing is an investment – especially if you don’t wish to rough it to join a yoga retreat in Bali, (we’ve actually put together a list of top yoga retreat recommendations in this blog if you’re looking to compare them), But the most important thing is not to feel guilty about spending this money on yourself. You deserve to come to Bali. You deserve to splurge a little, so put down any hesitations and give yourself a generous but wise budget. The trick is to allow yourself to say yes, yes, yes to those beautiful spa treatments, that ayurvedic massage, a cleansing facial and maybe even a spot of shopping in Seminyak. Bali really is an affordable holiday destination, so give yourself a break and enjoy it.


Every good Bali yoga retreat should offer you a small list of extra activities and adventures you can do during your time off. It could be learning to surf or make jewellery, visiting a local temple or even horse riding along the beach. We urge you to say yes to these extra activities. Not only do they make great memories but they’ll allow you to get some space away from the mat and see more of the beautiful island of Bali. Click here to view some of the extra activities we offer at Escape Haven and make sure you ask your Bali yoga retreat manager to organise things just as fun.


A Bali yoga retreat can be a profoundly moving and life-changing experience, but you have to let yourself reshape as a person, accept and embrace those changes. Our guests often say that they leave Bali feeling like ‘different women’ than how they arrived, and we believe it’s true on many levels. Our advice is not to be scared to envision the best version of yourself while you’re on your Bali yoga retreat.

Then let us help you go about making the changes to create that version. Of course, as people, we’re all evolving and growing psychologically and physically with the passing of each month, but the opportunity for spiritual growth is maximised during yoga retreats. Use the time you spend practising, meditating, self-reflecting and learning and you too can leave Bali feeling like a whole new person.

With love, the team at Escape Haven.
We hope to see you soon!

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