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The Solo Female travellers guide to Bali – Part One

The Solo Female Travellers Guide To HAVING FUN In Bali

If you’re an intrepid solo female traveller planning to visit the stunning island of Bali, then we have the perfect recipe for holiday success. At Escape Haven, we’re all about making life great for women – but whether you’re here to visit our Bali women’s retreat or not, make sure you scan our list of insider tips to find and book the best fun activities for the solo female traveller. We want to help you make your Bali experience an unforgettable journey of the heart, mind and soul.

The Best Of Bali For The Solo Female Traveller

If you’re going to be travelling solo, or you want to extend your trip a little after your family heads home, then it’s a great idea to plan some activities to keep you busy and engaged. There’s nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about travelling alone, but you’ll be surprised at how many solo female travellers there are in Bali already so there’s no need to worry, and we’ve got the low-down on the best things to do. Here is a list of suggestions for those of you who want some quiet time, and for those wishing to meet as many people as possible! As an empowered solo female traveller in Bali, you can do both of these things with ease – as well as countless other activities like getting out in the ocean or learning about the beautiful Balinese culture. Read on for more info!


Bali has some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world so you may as well take advantage of our underwater paradise. Hundreds of species of coral make for vivid adventures without too much expense or prior experience required. If you’re certified to dive, then we suggest you head up to Amed to see the USS Tulamben. It’s a submerged and easy to dive wreck that’s close to shore. Or, try Nusa Penida for a little visit with the prehistoric Manta-Ray. If you’re here at the right time of year, you may be lucky enough to see the Mola Mola or sunfish come out of the deep.


Solo female travellers, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you have hit the spa jackpot. There is an excellent range of wellness centres and spas in Bali; the only restriction is how much time you have to spare! Squeal! There’s everything from the standard treatments like facials and pedicures, to more advanced skin treatments and beauty aesthetics. Escape Haven (link to spa page) recommends Ayurvedic natural beauty treatments for those wanting to revitalise, rest and heal their bodies. We think there’s nothing more beautiful than a natural oil massage in Bali; you’ll be able to lay back and drift away as experienced technicians resolve all the knots in your shoulders and leave you feeling refreshed.


Another lovely part of Bali’s culture is the act of offering gifts to the Gods. These come in all sizes, but the most common is a small woven tray made of banana leaf and local flowers. Making these is an intricate yet meditative way to connect with the craftswomen inside of you, and you’ll learn how to make the offering itself with a prayer and a stick of incense. Offering making is one of the activites we offer as an option on our Escape Haven retreats so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested. (link to contact page)


Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest is one of the most unique and fun adventures a solo female traveller can hope to have. It’s a sprawling temple in the Ubud jungle that’s inhabited by hundreds of cheeky little monkeys. We recommend visiting earlier in the day before the monkeys get too hyped up on the sugar from the bananas that the tourists feed them. Plus, an early morning visit will help you to avoid the heat of the day. Tread carefully while you are in the forest though. It’s best not to try and touch the monkeys or pick them up yourself. There is staff in the forest who can introduce you to the more friendly monkeys that are willing to pose for a selfie with you – the little ones especially are unbelievably cute! Also, make sure you pop your sunglasses safely in your bag before you get there. Monkeys are fascinated by shiny objects and have been known to run away with jewellery or other personal belongings.


If you’re going to be here in March, don’t miss the rich and fascinating events of the Bali Spirit Festival. Based in Ubud, you’ll find yourself presented with dozens of options to keep you busy. There are health and wellness stalls where you can buy beautiful herbal and organic products, every type of yoga and dance you can imagine as well as responsibly-sourced fashion and alternative treatments like iridology reading. There’s also music and evening events to keep you on your toes the entire time you’re in Ubud. Try Googling the festival (link) online to find tickets. It’s generally at the end of March each year.


Bali has yoga classes of every type so whether you are an aspiring or experienced yogini; there’s a class that’s just perfect for you. We have to mention that Escape Haven has some of the best teachers on the island in our fully air-conditioned studio. But you can find a list of other yoga retreats to visit here. (link) As a generalisation, Ubud and Canggu are the two yoga hubs on the island. Here you’ll find Vinyasa Flow, Yin,  Ashtanga, Aerial yoga and even Pilates. If you’re into Bikram, then visit Jiwa in Seminyak for heated classes.


Check out some of the yoga retreats in the link mentioned above, and you’ll find there are also meditation classes at most of those locations. Just check the schedule online and show up with an open mind. Bali is a great place for solo female travellers to learn to meditate, and it’s a lovely environment where you can reconnect with your inner self.  Many aspects of meditation can be witnessed each day as you walk the streets and observe the ceremonies. The locals on this tiny Hindu island are in a constant daily practice of getting quiet inside of themselves to make offerings to the Gods. It lends a sense of tranquillity and peace to the everyday vibe in Bali.


If you fancy yourself a bit of a chef, then you’ll fall in love with Balinese cooking. Well-known dishes are fresh and spicy but well balanced and so tasty you’ll be taking home recipe books!  Solo female travellers are often welcomed by local Ibus (mothers) to join them in the kitchen and learn how to create the perfect balance of herbs and spices in each dish. We recommend classes at Casa Luna in Ubud as there’s the option to get up early, visit a market, barter for the ingredients and then take home a copy of the recipes you made or one of the books they sell.


Indonesia is a destination that’s on the bucket lists of surfers all over the world and Bali has some top spots to consider. This applies both if you’re an experienced surfer or if you just want to rent a board and learn how to ride the little breaks. Check out this article (link to article) on the benefits of learning to surf if you’re new to the sport, and don’t forget to visit the idyllic village of Canggu. It has waves suitable for solo female travellers who are new as well as breaks for those who have more experience.  Escape Haven has a retreat centre in Canggu so talk to us here if you’re interested in organising a women’s surf trip to some of the more adventurous breaks. (Possible CTA)


Next, we recommend the Bali Writers’ Festival. It’s an educational and enriching 3-day festival where you’re likely to find dozens of other solo female travellers, and a range of incredibly talented writers to learn from. It’s usually held in Ubud at the end of October so check the next dates on their website (enter site) and make your Bali holiday and adventure of intellect and lush conversations. You’ll be able to purchase books and enjoy many different events including salons, dinners, political debates as well as Q&A sessions where you can speak directly with writers. There are both international and Indonesian based writers at the festival who will completely absorb you with both fiction and non-fiction topics.


Some of Bali’s inner city beaches like Kuta and Seminyak suffer from a rubbish disposal problem during the rainy season, but you can still catch some rays, kick back and enjoy a cocktail on a lounger with, or without, an umbrella if you want to get a tan. However, if the intrepid solo female traveller inside of you is dreaming of white sands and clear blue water, then it could be better to aim for beaches further up the coast. We can recommend Sanur beach, the coastal shores of Uluwatu, Padang Padang and even Medewi in the far west. If you’re game, you could rent a scooter and travel up with just a towel and your bikini for a day of exploring, but there’s also the option of hiring a driver at very affordable rates.


Whether you’re naturally creative or just feeling curious, a jewellery making class will be a satisfying way to spend a couple of days learning a new craft. As solo female travellers ourselves, we love the opportunities for self-connection that jewellery making offers. One on one teaching and working with your hands is immensely calming; you’ll likely have time to create the perfect souvenir to represent your Bali awakening! Contact us here to find out more [Link to activities page in site]


Kecak is a fantastic way to connect deeply with the Goddess that’s hiding inside of you. This intricate Balinese traditional dance involves learning a series of small movements which will eventually flow into a stunning display of control and flair. Balinese women learn as children then dance the Kecak at ceremonies until they are married. A word of warning. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it the first day! It can take years to master the art perfectly, but you will learn the basics like how to properly tie a sarong and wear a kebaya (lace blouse) with a colourful sash.


As deeply religious people the Balinese spend a few days each month in their local temples. Events revolve around the moon cycles and national holidays but also the celebration of family occasions. Attending a ceremony in a local, or one of the more formal temples will ground you deeply into the culture here. Balinese women prepare trays of fruit as offerings then wear sarongs and traditional outfits. The men dress in white. You’ll need to inquire with a driver or villa manager to be invited to the ceremony, but it’s well worth the effort to witness the temple energy.

Heaven For Heartseeking Solo Female Travellers

If you need to escape the bad weather for awhile or take a break from all the roles and responsibilities of work and motherhood, then we can’t recommend Bali more! It’s a tiny little island with a gigantic heart, so if you’re a solo female traveller don’t miss the opportunity to step into the arms of the culture here. You’ll be immersed in nature, safe while you travel independently and fully able to connect with your inner self. They don’t call this the island of the Gods for nothing and many women, including lots of us at Escape Haven have found Bali to be an absolute balm for the soul. This island is a place to heal from old wounds and make new beginnings so book your ticket today.

Escape Haven Bali Retreat, supporting women on year making wellness experiences.

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