Meet Anna our Russian Reiki Healer | Escape Haven

Meet Anna our Russian Reiki Healer

Indulge In A Russian Reiki Healing On Your Yoga Retreat

Escape Haven is an incredible place for healing. We offer a safe and peaceful environment for women to leave behind their troubles, start a new health regime or recover from a hard year of work. Some of our guests come every year with friends for an annual checkup. Others come after a relationship breakdown or change of career.

Whatever the reason you feel drawn to escape, you can be confident that our Bali yoga and surf retreat has all the resources you need to heal yourself completely. This includes a range of different activities. Every day on retreat we have the option of spa treatments and healing sessions as well as yoga classes and surf lessons. We’ve handpicked only the best treatment providers, and we are so proud to tell you about our masseuse and reiki healer, Russian Anna.

Receive A Unique Healing Treatment On Your Bali Retreat

Anna is our Russian Reiki healer, she has a unique technique created from years of both classical and new age training. She will begin by talking with you and asking how you feel physically and mentally. You can share frankly and expect her to work with both your body and your mind. She will listen carefully then suggest a variety of techniques selected according to your needs.

You’ll meet Anna in one of the treatment rooms or at the yoga shala of Escape Haven and find her fresh-faced honesty an immediate comfort. Her accent is beautiful, and she’ll turn her empathetic eye to your problems to make you feel immediately at ease. It’s clear that this woman is a healer from the moment she touches you, but of course, you’ll be in control of everything that happens in your treatment.

Tailored Healing Treatments To Suit Your Needs

Anna understands many modalities and uses all of her talents to help you where she feels you need healing. Back in Russia, she was a behavioural psychologist with a specialisation in art therapy, but she reached a point in her work with clients where she realised the classical approach used by psychologists wasn’t enough on its own. At that point, she became a qualified massage therapist, a Reiki master and a Kundalini Yoga teacher. She combines all of these skills and a strong sense of intuition to craft treatments that suit each client.

While Anna is experienced in both Eastern and Western medicine, she won’t force any particular way of being onto you, instead, she’ll show up and hold the space for you to express what you think you need. This non-dogmatic approach is born from a deep acceptance and understanding that every woman’s needs are all different. When she’s not giving treatments at Escape Haven, Anna spends her time practising martial arts. She loves to combine the mindset of power and peace to give you the best treatment possible.

It’s Time To Take A Treatment With “The Russian”

We playfully call Anna the Russian because of her strength and raw power. She has muscles defined by hours of kickboxing combined with a softness and unique understanding of humanity. This presence will lull you into a place of deep rest. Her strong arms mean she’s the perfect healer to work the knots and lumps from your back, neck and shoulders. We particularly recommend Anna’s treatments to women who are stressed and tense from overworking.

The bodywork aspect of her treatment includes an analysis of your body where you can point out any aches and pains and tell her about any injuries you have. Then once she’s aware of your issues, she will apply a deep tissue massage including several techniques such as ruffing, Swedish massage strokes and Acupressure to really release any trigger points that are holding pain. During the session, Anna will also access your meridians and apply Reiki healing in any areas where she feels you need it.

Each session lasts 90 minutes, and afterwards, if you’re open to the idea, Anna will give you an intuitive reading based on the stories she’s found in your body. Using all of her modalities and education she’ll talk to you about where you can make some changes to move through your issues.

What You’ll Get From A Healing With Anna

Every woman that sees Anna walks away with a deep sense of relaxation and peace, but you can also choose to take her psychological advice to complement your retreat experience. If you want to see her again during your retreat, she will make herself available to help you with the following processes.

Trauma release – This is especially helpful if you’ve been going through a hard time. Anna can help you to uncover and close out any stories you may be carrying by becoming conscious of them, then working to release them.

Pattern Shifting – If you find yourself stuck in a place where you are repeating unhelpful patterns in a relationship or towards yourself then Anna can help you to reframe these. The idea is to identify the constructs and patterns that bind you and then give them a different framework, so you’re no longer controlled by your feelings.

Body/Mind connection – Anna works deeply with the practice of somatic healing which treats the body and mind holistically. She can help you to understand why your digestion might be suffering and guide you to use hot or cold treatments or even recommend some healing oils to use medicinally after your treatment.

Regain Your Energy and Passion For Life

Anna’s ethos is about teaching us to heal ourselves rather than becoming dependent on a therapist, so you can expect to walk away feeling restored to your true powerful self. Seeing Anna is an invitation to shift your perspective and widen your viewpoint from a narrow to a broader understanding of how you function in the world. She’ll help you to shift your energy and draw attention to any misalignments you may be experiencing between your intentions, your values and the language you use to describe yourself.

She sees herself as a conduit for the information you already know, and we feel absolutely blessed to have her on staff. We have reserved a certain number of sessions with Anna each week so if you’re coming on a retreat at Escape Haven then get in touch with us here to make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible healing experience.

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