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Quiz – Escape Haven or Palm Tree House? Which Retreat is for You?

As you may already know, we have recently launched our new ‘little sister’ retreat The Palm Tree House. There are a few main differences between the two and they appeal to a different demographic. Both Escape Haven and Palm Tree House offer seven day retreats with yoga, spa pampering, excursions around Bali and beautiful accommodations. Escape Haven focuses more on absolute luxury and pure indulgence with exquisite rooms, grounds and a large on-site team to cater to your every need. At Escape Haven, the retreats have vast inclusions- all gourmet meals, daily spa and plenty of other special perks are all part of the package.

With The Palm Tree House, there is a greater focus on freedom and flexibility. With less inclusions and a more relaxed schedule, guests are welcome to create their own retreat and use their spare time as they please. The Palm Tree House also offers two full day sight-seeing adventures so guests can see more of beautiful Bali. There is a small Balinese team onsite, and daily breakfasts are included, as well as 4 of the 7 lunches and dinners. The rest of the meals are open for guests to explore the excellent food options available around Canggu. The final two main differences are that at Escape Haven, retreat dates are set and the retreat is always 100% women only. At The Palm Tree House, there are no set check in or check out dates, and while the villas remain female-only sanctuaries for most of the year, one of the villas also has select dates that offer special co-ed and couples retreat weeks, allowing male guests on retreat too!

After reading this, you may already have a good idea of which retreat suits you best. If not, take our simple quiz below! We look forward to welcoming you on your Bali retreat.

1. Are you they type of person who prefers structure or freedom?
a. Structure for sure
b. I like extra freedom

2. When you go on holiday are you more likely to book…
a. The best room in the best hotel
b. A lovely room but more focus is on planning activities and exploring

3. Are you more likely to enjoy
a. A glass of Champagne by the pool
b. Fun sunset cocktail at the beach

4. Your ideal group getaway would be
a. Spent with like-minded women from all over the world
b. Just a nice small group of soul sisters

5. Something you truly value about a retreat is
a. Daily spa treatments and pampering
b. Free time to explore, lounge or try something new

6. Being truly looked after to you looks like…
a. A large experienced team who are on hand 24/7
b. A small friendly team who are available to assist during the daytime hours

7. When booking a retreat you are really seeking…
a. A lush, fully-serviced sanctuary where you can fully rejuvenate and unwind in tranquility
b. A lovely base that is like a home away from home for you to come and go as you please

8. Are you more likely to
a. Plan your trip in advance to ensure everything is perfect and in order
b. Take a trip on a whim when the opportunity arises

9. Which do you prefer the sound of
a. Having delicious gourmet meals prepared for you each day
b. Taking off to town to explore the food scene as you please

10. When you think of a Bali retreat would you prefer to
a. See a little of Bali but really focus on wellbeing activities
b. Explore more of Bali with a few less wellness inclusions

Well, if you chose more A’s then you should book in for your indulgent, luxurious Escape Haven Retreat! Check out the dates and rates page here. If you chose more B’s then The Palm Tree House is the perfect place for your Bali yoga retreat, find out more about the retreat options here.

Your Escape Haven Bali Retreat offers a luxury wellness experience for body, mind and soul

We invite you to experience our award winning Bali luxury retreat. If it’s time to fill up your cup and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, we’d love to help you rejuvenate, unwind, reawaken and experience the very best of Bali. Dive into transformational yoga and meditation classes, exhilarating surf lessons in the warm waters of Bali, fun fitness classes and restorative Bali healing retreat sessions. How much or little you do is all up to you.

Take a look at our wellbeing retreat packages and luxury Bali retreat accommodation options. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your memorable and transformative retreat in paradise.

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