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The most powerful way to reignite your spark for life

No matter how incredible life may be, everyone gets stuck in a rut from time to time. Life is about ebbs and flows, we rise and we fall, and over the course of our lives, we reinvent ourselves and start over many times. Certain milestones throughout our journey instigate reflection- are we happy, do we feel fulfilled, is something missing? These questions can start to pave cross roads and as we reflect on the past, we project forwards into the future, trying to pinpoint what will indeed set us up for a fruitful onwards journey.

Things that once lure us in and hold bright sparks of joy- relationships, new jobs, new homes, new friendships, all over time change. It may not be that we enjoy or appreciate them any less, but they become normal. The everyday has a propensity for dullness and routine is indeed a killer for the simple joy that exists in spontaneity and change. As human beings, we need change in our lives- to foster growth, to keep our brains working, to find joy in something new and to find gratitude for the things we already have.

One of the main reasons women adventure off on a Bali Yoga Retreat is because they have lost that spark for life, they are at a crossroad in their life, or they are unhappy and looking for change. Sometimes women are wanting to invent themselves anew, other times, it’s about reconnecting with someone we once were, or an aspect of ourselves that we love, but we may have lost.

Perhaps the single most profound thing we can do to reignite our spark for life, is travel. Travel takes us out of our comfort zones and places us smack-bang in the unknown. It opens up all of our senses- we see, hear, touch, taste and smell everything new. We challenge our preconceived notions of who we are and what we are capable of. We experience a new world that is both exciting in and of itself, and also reminds us of how lucky we are for what we already have. Travel is one of the most precious gifts that we can ever give ourselves.

If you’re feeling unhappy, confused, a little lost, or just generally lethargic and underwhelmed, read on to find out exactly how travel can reignite your spark for life.

You’re not in Kansas anymore…

Is there anything more exciting than stepping out of an international airport into the buzz of a new country?! Or waking up in a new place for the first time and opening the door to a whole new world waiting for you to explore?! The world is a vast place, and it is only becoming easier and easier for us to navigate. Travel is more affordable than ever before. We can browse, click and book all in a moments notice. We have an endless stream of images being presented to us through various media channels every single day that feeds our wanderlust. Having a plane ticket sitting in your inbox is guaranteed to kick your excitement levels up a few notches. With the busy lives we lead and the mountain of commitments most of us wake up to daily, the prospect of a trip can often be the one thing that pulls us through the week. While day to day life can be a little like Groundhog Day, (no matter how lovely), travel opens our eyes, hearts and minds in fantastical ways. It is a feast for the senses and our everyday life feels far removed in face of these new surroundings. It is almost a childlike glee that we reconnect with as we take in everything all at once.

Use it or lose it…

Wondering what we could be referring to here?! Your intuition. As women, we have an innate sense of intuition. Yet, like so many things in life, if we don’t connect with it on a regular basis, we lose that special connection to what we often hear referred to as our ‘gut instinct.’ When was the last time you really had one of those deep gut feelings about something? Did you listen to it? When we travel, we are placed in an unknown environment, and if we can tap into that intuition, it can be both helpful and rewarding. Without the normal inner chatter common in everyday life, when we travel, we become more intune with ourselves and our needs. Those hard questions that you may have been struggling with for months are suddenly simple as answers bubble up easily. This is a special gift that travel or a retreat experience gives us.

Up, up and away…

Let’s be real here- travel isn’t always a walk in the park. Travel can be hard. There often comes times in any trip where the prospect of just packing your bags and quietly getting on the next plane home seems like the best idea in the world. Yet it is in these hard moments of challenge that we also grow. We discover our inner strength and what we are truly capable of. Lessons don’t come from backing down, they come from rising up. We also deliberately challenge ourselves when we travel. We put our hand up and say yes to things that we would never do back home! Bungee jumping? Sure. Surfing? Count me in. White water rafting? Sounds cool. We’ve all tried things that are out of our comfort zone in a new place, and its not just for the Instagram photo either. Travel pushes our boundaries and places us in situations where we have the choice to step up or shrink back. Nine times out of ten, we take the leap, and it’s that leap that reminds us how capable and powerful we truly are. So, whether it’s navigating public transport in India, zip lining through the jungle of Costa Rica, or trying a handstand in your Bali yoga retreat, the little tests we face are what define us.

We’re everyday people…

Travel introduces us to the mundane and the extraordinary. It also has the power to remind us that we are all unique and different, and fundamentally, we are all the same. Meeting new people and seeing how other cultures live is one of the greatest gifts of travel. When you close your eyes and think of one of your favourite times away, it is often faces that come to mind before anything else. Maybe its a taxi driver, maybe it’s the owner of a guesthouse you stayed in or a person you shared a room with. When we travel, we not only meet new people, we become closer, faster. We often feel more comfortable opening up to strangers and friendships form quickly when we are in a new land or environment. As we meet new people, no matter where they are from or what their own story is, we realise that we share many of the same qualities and challenges. We are able to easily relate to new people and often we are inspired by humanity. Travel reminds us that a smile goes beyond any language barrier and that relationships- no matter how fleeting- are what adds meaning to life.

Getting up close and personal…

While we meet new people through travel, we also tend to forge a greater relationship with ourselves. Soul searching is something that we all do at some point (or many points!) in our life. Travel is one of the most rewarding and enlightening ways to do so. If you travel solo, there are so many opportunities to reconnect to yourself. Of course, a Bali yoga retreat offers even more opportunity for this. When we are out of our familiar surroundings and without our usual titles, we have the chance to check back in and rediscover the relationship we have with inner self. We may discover things we love about our self, or we may unearth things that we don’t love so much, but that we are willing to work on. This period of reflection can again, answer questions that have been plaguing us and set us on the right course.

What are you grateful for?

One of the most beautiful things about travel is it not only opens up a new world for us to enjoy, it makes us grateful and appreciative of all that we already do have. Taking space from the people we love reminds us of just how much we adore them. Experiencing another culture often shows us how much we truly have. Even just the opportunity to travel to a new land reminds us that that in and of itself is such a huge privilege that so many people will never get the chance to experience. Travel makes us grateful, humble and wise. We remember the things that truly matter in life and we commit to treasuring them more. We often return home dedicated to being better people, to showing up more and to making a difference- in big or small ways.

Travel inspires us and propels us in ways like nothing else. Are you ready to shake up your perspective and gain new insight? Are you ready to unleash a new sense of joy and clarity in your life?! Join us on a luxury Bali yoga retreat and prepare to experience all of the above, and so much more.

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